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What of Rick "wakes up" again at the end of the prison arc

AlVan November 12, 2012 User blog:AlVan

Okay so if the Governor attacks the prison at the end of season 4 and Rick gets shot like he did in the comics, what if he doesn't wake up until all the shit goes down? I mean like, he would wake up and walk through the prison surrounded by all the characters (who didn't escape so so I'm mainly thinking Daryl, Carol, Glenn, and Maggie) who died the assault. He would go outside where Michonne would find him and tell him they have to move on. As an extra little thing I think Carl would escape with Beth and Hershel, Andrea, and any others in the group would've gone back to the farm already. Then I guess Merle is still the wildcard who knows where the hell he'd be in all this. I still see a possibility of him becoming Abraham.

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