Carol is a very complex and amazing character. However, she has been around since the beginning and has never been promoted. The ONLY one who hasn't been promoted since the beginning.

I have heard rumors of Melissa McBride being added to the main cast. If this is the case, I think she is hear to stay. Like, Rick/Andrea/Carl/Michonne safe. If she gets promoted now, that means they have plans for her post-prison. And if she makes it past the prison, I don't think she'll ever be taken down.

I've wondered lately, is Carol the TV counterpart of comic Maggie? Short hair, decent but not great fighter, takes care of the kids, etc. I've also wondered about Glenn and Maggie dying in the prison assault which would leave Carol to take Maggie's place so to speak.

And you know what? I am all for this! I have always liked Carol. She's just been so well-rounded and Melissa McBride nails it.

My idea is that Carol, Hershel, Beth, Axel, and Judith (if still alive) will be the group to go back to Hershel's farm before the assault. Glenn, Maggie, and the others will die at the prison other than Rick, Andrea, Michonne, and Carl.

If anyone has confirmation of Melissa McBride's promotion, please post it here!

What are you theories on Carol?