The World We Live In (303): The scene opens with Morales and his family driving at night in there car. "Morales," Miranda says, "I think we made a mistake. We should turn around and get back to the CDC."

"No, Miranda, we've been driving for two days. We're better taking our chances with Alabama at this point."

"Alabama is no different than any other place! It will be just as bad! What if the CDC turned out to be some safe-haven?! They're probably worried sick about us!"

"We'll probably be bumping into them sometime!"


"I changed my mind yesterday while you were asleep. We're headed to Fort Benning right now-"

Just then, a caravan of cars was driving up. It stopped. A man got out of the front car. It was Merle. Morales quickly pushed the breaks and jumped out of the car. "Merle?!" he says.

The focus cuts to Merle tied up on a chair with Rick having his back to him inside of a room with electricity. He is tied up, too. "You know Morales, he showed up a couple nights after I did. When I saw him jump outa' that car I just punched him!" Merle says. (the focus begins cutting back and forth between Merle beating on Morales and Merle talking to Rick present-day) "I stopped when I saw something...something that scared the living hell outa' me. I, uh...I saw that little girl. (Merle seems to be on the verge of tears) That little girl from camp. She was dead! I couldn't shoot her. (Merle is seen pointing a gun at Sophia). I just couldn't do it! She came at me...I pushed 'er off and I jumped in my car. We all just kept driving. I changed that day. I realized that I didn't have to get you because you made me lose my hand, I knew I had to get you 'cause you killed that little girl!"

Cue Opening Credits