So I'm going to be doing a kind of fanfic thing for what comes next on the TV show. It is going to be what I hope the actual season will be like, but not entirely. Well, here goes.

Miles Behind Us Part 1 (301): Merle is shown on the skyscraper. He's bleeding like crazy as he picks up the tools quickly and sets them back in the box. He tosses the box down to a catwalk on the side of the building and jumps down. He climbs through a broken window and sees two walkers. He takes out a wrench and kills them both. He walks in the room next door and burns his bleeding arm on the stove to stop the bleeding. He looks through the window to see if the coast is clear. It is. He breaks open the window and climbs down. He goes farther out into the streets of Atlanta and walkers are following him. He breaks out into a run as dozens of walkers chase him. He sees a car parked and looks through the windows. It has keys and is walker free. He jumps in and starts to drive. The walkers continue to follow him. The car outruns the walkers and they cannot tell which way he went. They move into the forests in the direction of the Quarry Camp.

The focus cuts to a couple of months later where Rick Grimes is standing in front of his angry, restless followers (with the exception of Hershel, who looks worried and Daryl, who looks indifferent as usual). He says, "We just lost the farm. We just lost five of our own. We're gonna lose more whether I'm here or not. But one thing is for sure. We will lose a lot less if I'm here and we learn to just press on. We are human beings. We used to be on top, but we're not anymore (at this point the theme music plays in the background similarily to What Lies Ahead). Those mindless, living corpses are on top now. They are home free. We're living on borrowed time from them. Earth is their territory now. (At this point it cuts to Merle driving away at sundown where he sees another camp while you still here Rick and the theme music in the background) We need to find a place to call home. Be it an island, blocked-offed street or deserted supermarket, we have to remember that we're not on top anymore. We let ourselves think that at the farm, but we can't now. When we find a new home, we need to keep in mind, they are the human beings, now. (At this point we see Merle being taken to a tent by Tony and Randall to be medicated and tended to by none other than Morgan) We are dead now. WE ARE THE WALKING DEAD. "

Cue Opening Credits.

Andrea is on the ground looking up at Michonne in awe. Michonne says, "Do not be afraid of them. They are my protectors and now you have a protector: me."

"Who are you?" Andrea asks.

"My name is Michonne, what is yours?"


"Well, Andrea, where did you come from?"

The focus cuts to Rick's group. He has just finished his speech. T-Dog says, "I think our new home should be an island. There were plenty that were uninhabited."

"I was thinking about that for a while," Rick says, "but what if the ocean's got some more of those bloated ones, like the one we saw in the well?"

Hershell speaks up and says, "Rick, we used that well more than any of the others. That walker must've only been in there for a couple of days. If that's all it takes for them to be that way, I'm sure the ocean's are still relatively clean."

"Yes, but I'm sure a lot of people have already had the same idea. What are the odds of there being enough or even any sailboats left to take? I don't think we could survive to drive to the coast and then turn back." Rick says.

"Good lord, their are loads of places we can take. Let's just go find a different farm! We don't have to drive a hundred miles to find somewhere safe, let's make due with what we got! Damn!" Daryl says.

"Hershell, you said you knew a couple of places?" Rick asks.

"There are other farms. We can also try the Wiltshire Estates if we find enough guns. It had low population there and it was surrounded by an iron gate and a forest." Hershell says.

"I don't know, didn't Andrea say it was overrun?" asks Rick.

"There's a prison!" Maggie sort of blurts out.

"A prison? I've never even thought of that. That sounds perfect." Rick says, "Where is it?"

"If I remember right it should be right around here somewhere." she says.

"Alright, let's split into four groups. Lori, Carl, you're with me. Glenn, Maggie, you head north. Daryl, T-Dog, Carol, you head east. Hershell, Beth, you head south. On second thought, Daryl, I want you to go with Hershell and Beth. Alright, let's move out."

Commercial Break (and writer's break, please comment before I update this for the rest of the episode after lunch.)

The scene opens back to the thugs' camp (from now on they will be reffered to as the Thugs). Merle wakes up to see Dave standing over him.

"Rise and shine, baldy." he says.

"Where am I?" Merle asks.

"You're at our camp. You mind telling us where you came from?" Dave asks.

"Yeah, I came from a bunch pansys, n-----s, and democrats. I'm done with those sons of b-----s. You mind me here which ya'll? I don't care I'm stayin' anyway."

"You got a bit of a temper. I like that. Yeah, you can stay. We could use some tough guy like you. We're goin' huntin' a little while. You wanna' come?"

"Sure would, I'd love to shoot something."

Back to the "present day", we see T-Dog walking through the forest with Carol. Carol looks very uneasy. "Do you trust Rick?" he asks.

"Not in the slightest. What about you?"

"I'm sure he had his reasons for everything. Never liked Shane anyway. 'Got on my nerves. You know who I did trust, though? Dale. I'm gonna miss that guy. I'm also gonna miss Andrea, Jimmy, Patricia, and...and Sophia."

"Thank you. I didn't like Shane, either, but Rick kept that thing from us! How could he do that?!"

"He wanted to keep hope alive. Now things just seem a little more bleak. Before, it felt like they were just sick people that couldn't be cured, but now we know. Now we know what they are. They are monsters.

Commercial Break

We now see Merle, Dave, Tony, Randall, and a few extras staring at a crying man on his knees in the forest in front of his tent. "Heh, heh! Do you have any idea how long it's been since we've gotten to do that?! It's your own fault for havin' such pretty girls! Ain't my fault they ran off into the forest!"

"Just leave me... please!" the man says.

The man crawled into his tent, sat in a chair, and pulled out his pistol. Merle and the others turned and started to leave. They heard a gunshot. They paused. "Heh, leave 'im."

What Merle didn't know was in a few days, his brother would open that same tent looking for a little girl.

The focus cuts back to the "present day" as Daryl, Hershell, and Beth wonder through the woods. "It's almost sundown, shouldn't we be turning back?" Beth asks.

"Yeah, let's turn around" Daryl says. "I'm just wondering why we've only run into a couple a geeks so far."

"I hope they weren't distracted by someone else." says Hershell.

"Yeah...Me, too." says Daryl.

Commercial Break

The focus now cuts to Maggie and Glenn who're already back at the checkpoint waiting for everyone to come back. Glenn says, "Seems kinda pointless. I mean, we found the place right over there! It's less than a mile away! God, I hope nobody got hurt over this!"

"Calm down, Glenn. They've probably started heading back. If they ran into trouble, all they had to do is turn and run."

"Yeah. You're right. I'm sorry. I guess I'm just a little wound up over what happened at the farm, still."

Just then, Hershell, Beth, Daryl, T-Dog, and Carol emerge from the woods. "You guys find anything?" asks T-Dog.

"Yep, we found it in about ten minutes. It's about half a mile north." says Glenn.

"Son of b----! Why didn't you come get us?! We were searching all day for that place!" Daryl says agrily.

"Neither of us are trackers, Daryl. We didn't wanna get lost." says Maggie.

Daryl was about to shout some more when Hershell spoke up, "Where is Rick?!"

They all looked around and saw nothing.

The camera now shows Merle sitting in a chair. He's smiling. "I bet you've had a fun time since we last met! Ain't that right? I went back to shoot every last one of ya'll but all I got was a new car and some stupid letter! Hmph. I gotta a better idea anyway! You see, Me and my boys are gonna drive to town tomorrow, lock you in a building, hand-cuffed to a pole! Then we're gonna go outside and raise hell to get those freaks attention! Just to give you a little motivation. Now do you see the irony of all this, Officer Friendly?" The camera pans out to show Rick tied to a chair in front of Merle.

End of Episode

I promise the rest of them will be shorter so I can get more than one episode per blog. I just wanted this one to be special for the season premiere. Now, today I'm going to right the second part of the premiere here. Notice how part 1 was almost zombie-free? Well, not part 2.

Miles Behind Us Part 2 (302): A zombie is seen. The camera turns to show that it is Jim. "It" sees an explosion in the distance. He begins walking towards the soarce. Jim is now at the wreckage of the CDC along with hundreds of other zombies. When the zombies see that there is nothing there, they simply continue to wonder in circles. But not Jim, he stares into the flame, and with what little memory he still has, he almost seems to realize that the thing that could cure him is truly lost.

Jim continues to wonder the city, until he sees a helicopter fly by, the camara cuts to him passing the piled up wrecked cars that his old friends are hiding under (the theme music begins playing in the background). The camera cuts to Jim at night, wondering aimlessly through a farm. There are gunshots everywhere. His old friends are trying to kill him. Then he sees fire. He stares into the flames of the burning barn. If the old Jim were there, he would wonder if his friends' next safe haven would just end in flame.

Cue Opening Credits

The focus is now on Andrea and Michonne sitting against rocks around a campfire near the farm."You don't think they'll find us?" Andrea asks.

"No, not with these two with us.I've been with them so long I probably smell like them. Wearin' the cloak seems to be enough that they think I'm dead, too."

"But two of my friends were covered in walker-guts and all it had to do was rain before they were chased."

"What were they wearing?"

"Raincoats. They didn't want to get it on their normal cloathes."

"Well there's your answer. The stuff would've stayed on normal clothes if it rained. Hell, it'd probably make even more convincing. 'Stuff'd wash right off of a raincoat, though."


"So this farm of yours, how many animals are on it?"

"A lot of chickens, fourty-eight cattle, I think five horses-"

"There ain't no damn way that this herd of yours, no matter how big, could've taken down all those animals. Unless of coarse the dead have learned to use steroids. Now, you said a bunch followed you into the forest, plenty should've followed each car out of here, but I doubt they actually caught up with any of them when they stopped. The surviving animals would have a few following them into the forest and they could outrun them in no time...I think we can take back this farm."

"By ourselves?"

"No, but if we find your friends, it should be easy. But we can't use guns. It'd make the whole thing pointless. We have to make sure that the ones in the forest don't come back. How many people in your group can fight with melee weapons only?"

"To be honest, I kinda have trouble without a gun. But then we still have you, Rick, Shane, T-Dog, Daryl, Glenn, and I think maybe Lori and Maggie can swing something."

"Well that makes ten. Don't bother counting because your just gonna come out with nine. I counted you. You were running through that forest all day using pocket knives and bricks. If you can do that, then you should do just fine with an axe or something."

"I guess your right."

Michonne pickes up her katana and throws it right above Andrea. Andrea looks behind her and sees a zombie tumble.

"Put out that fire, now!" Michonne said in a quiet shout. "You better be ready with that knife o' yours. 'We gotta go!"

Andrea puts out the fire. "Why do we have to leave?"

"They're moving." At this point they begin to hear spurting.

They walk over to see the zombie is still alive. The sword went right through its neck. Michonne pulls out her sword and then plunges it into the zombie's head. She pulls it out again and says, "You're gonna hate this, but that herd is headed this way. They're a...moving on, so to speak. Now all we have to do is get past them unscathed and into the farmhouse. You're gonna have to...hug, my a...two ugly friends here."

"Oh my god..." Andrea says.

She then walks up to the two zombies and grabs on to one. She rubs against it, covering herself in the smell saying, "Ew! Ew!" constantly.

Commercial Break

The focus is now back to Rick's group and Carl, Lori, and Rick are still nowhere to be found. "I think we should take our chances and go to the prison." Glenn says.

"I agree." says Hershell.

"No. Are you people crazy? You wanna go walking in there at night? We wait till morning. By then Rick should be back anyway." T-Dog says.

"He's right, we're gonna get massecred if we go there at night." Beth says.

"Daryl, what do you think?" Carol asks.

"I think we should wait until morning. If they're not back yet, then we go looking for 'em. This ain't like Sophia. I them three are lost then there's got to be some crazy s--t going down." he says.

The focus cuts to the Thug's camp. Merle is loading the truck with two other guys. One of them turns to the camara to show that he is Morales. "Alright boys, we' done for the night." Merle says.

Suddenly they hear gunshots. Merle runs to the soarce to see a small figure gunning down his men. It's Carl. Carl runs into a tent and grabs Lori . "Come on! We gotta go!" he says.

They run outside only to be greeted by more gunshots and walkers. "Alright, ya'll no the protical for this. Jump in your cars and go! We've been spotted and if we shoot it'll only attract more! Ya'll know the meeting place!' Merle shouts as he runs into the tent and grabs Rick. Rick is still handcuffed so he just gets up and follows. They get in the truck as Rick begins to worry and would've fought to get out of the car until he saw Carl and Lori running into the forest. There are screams everywhere but Merle just keeps driving with only half of his cars and people following behind.

Commercial Break

The scene opens with the survivors still surrounding the campfire. "We should move into the prison in the mornin'" Daryl says.

"How? We don't have enough people or enough weapons." T-Dog says.

"I was thinking we could clear the yard and set up some tents out there. We stay outside while we search for the others for a couple a days. This ain't like Sophia. Every one of them people can hold their own against a walker. 'Cept for maybe that b---h, Lori." Daryl says.

"Careful now. What if I thought Lori was okay? I don't like her either but you didn't know that." T-Dog says.

They hear a rustling in the woods. Daryl loads his crossbow and points at the soarce of the noise only to see Lori, Carl, and Morales run out of the woods.

"If I'm such a b---h then you better help us before I get real mad!" Lori shouts as the camera moves to show Morales' left arm is bitten.

The focus now cuts to Merle and Rick driving towards the town. (The sun is seen rising in the distance now) The car passes a sign that says: Woodbary. He stops the car and brings Rick out of it. The rest of the caravan stops and they begin unloading. "You gonna' die," Merle says, "but at least if you don't, you're definetily gonna' suffer. Hell, in this world we're all made to suffer!"

Merle and another man take Rick inside of a bar. The other man pulls handcuffs out of his backpack puts one cuff on the under-pole of a table. They are about to handcuff Rick when they hear gunshots outside. Merle runs to the window to see firing from to different sides as walkers close in. "Godd----t! If you help me, you're free!" he says desperately as he tosses a hatchet to Rick. They run outside as guns fire in all directions.

Commercial Break

The scene opens with Andrea and Michonne looking out the window of the farm house. There are walkers scattered all over the place. (Andrea is also wearing a different set of clothes). "Should we take them out?" Andrea asks.

"Yeah get your gun." she says.

"What?! Won't that attract the others?"

"No. Those things have probably been walking all night. They'll be out of earshot by now. They're stupid anyway. If they do here it then they won't be able to find this place again."


They both run outside with their respective weapon (Dog Days are Over begins playing in the background). They both begin fighting. The focus begins flashing back and forth between Merle and Rick fighting zombies while dodging bullets, Hershell, Carl, Carol, and Beth watching over a one-armed passed-out Morales, the rest of the survivors fighting through hordes of zombies in the yard of the prison, and Andrea and Michonne fighting off zombies at the farm. Ricks turns to see a man leading the men of Woodbary: the Govenor. The survivors' group is cornerd and Daryl is bleeding badly when six men men come running out of the prison doors and begin shooting the zombies. Morgan and Duane are seen wandering out of the woods and into the farm

The camera shows Andrea back-to-back wtih Michonne lower her gun. The camera zooms out the show dozens of slayn walkers scattered across the farm.

End of Episode