Remember when I decided to do a fanfic for season 3? Well, I didn't stop because I ran out of ideas, I stopped because the trailer showcased a very different approach at season 3. I thought about it for a while and I think I could've continued but there was one thing I could'nt work around. I already introduced six prison survivors. So now I have to work around a few things. This is the rebooted version made in light of the trailer.

Seed (301): Rick is shown laying in the bed of the hospital. The focus cuts to Lori sitting in the car waiting for Carl to come outside of the school. Andrea and Amy are on the side of the road when an RV stops and Dale gets out to ask if they need help. Glenn is buying a candy bar at pharmacy in Macon. Maggie is bringing a mug of coffee to Hershel. Daryl is sitting on the curb of street when he sees a man walking down the street. The "man" bites a woman nearby.

The focus cuts to Rick's group circled around a campfire and he says, "We've had a hard time. We all remember where we were when this all started. But we have a safe haven now. Daryl and I found a place today. Food, weapons, medicine, everything. We're gonna go in there, hand in hand, this prsion is ours."

Beth's song is heard in the background as Andrea is shown walking towards the farmhouse with Michonne and her pets. Several walkers are noticing them. With one final definitive look at the place, Andrea motions for Michonne to head down the road. "This place isn't safe anymore," she says, "It's run its coarse."

"It never was safe. We only stayed here because we thought your friends would come back."

"What friends?"

Cue Opening Credits