Daryl Dixon

Daryl is, put plainly, one of the best characters on The Walking Dead. He ranks up there with Rick, Carl, Glenn, Hershel, Maggie, Carol, and the late Andrea, Merle, and Dale. From an asshole redneck, to a caregiver, to a henchman, and finally to a leader, Daryl has had an amazing arc.

I have noticed lately that some fans have grown very tired of his character. I had similar feelings last season, mostly out of my distaste toward season 3 as a whole. I mean, come on, that was the season where Andrea was ruined and killed. Who wasn't grumpy after each episode last season (except for Clear)? But this season has been absolutely amazing. If it can keep this momentum the whole year, I think it will surpass season 2.

And one of the contributing factors has been Daryl Dixon. Not just him, mind you, as every one of the characters this season has had something to give. Even Beth with her chilling indifference and Bob with his severe case of alcoholism. Daryl has become a fantastic leader, but knows when it's time to step down. And that time is when Rick asks to step back up.

But Daryl is not without his flaws, either. Just last week, Indifference aired, and we all watched as Daryl could hold his temper no longer. He very nearly threw Bob to the walkers, only because he has an addiction. It was a spine-tingling showcase of anti-heroism at its best. Well, perhaps not as much as Carol's material in the same episode.

In conclusion, please try to be open-minded and find something positive about what you may dislike. You might just get the big deal!


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