At least this season, I mean. Glenn and Daryl were on set during filming of the finale and they were the only mainys I could really see getting killed off. Hershel was also spotted on set which makes me happy.

Rick, Andrea, Carl, and Michonne are obviously safe.

Maggie and Merle just got promoted so, also safe.

Carol, quite unfortunately, is sure to die if she hasn't actually been promoted. If she has, she will most definitely be safe.

I believe that the deaths during this second half will be Allen, Ben, Sasha, and Axel. If the prison arc ends, Philip will die for sure.

Beth is someone I'm unsure of. I really hope she survives and gets developed more. I am worried though considering that it looks like pretty much everyone else is safe.

Now, this is not a death predictions blog, this is more about the oddness of the idea that there will probably few deaths in this next half season. Does anyone else think it's possible that the death count will be lower in this block?