So the game is coming out tomorrow and everybody's gonna have a completely different game pending on the choices you have made and the group you have. I personally have Lee, Kenny, Omid, and Crista in my group. I left Ben at Crawford. UPDATE (SPOILERS): I just finished playing it. Wow. So anyway Lee chopped his arm off, Kenny commuted suicide to save Crista, Crista and Omid are left unknown, Campman turned out to be the owner of the car with supplies back ep 2, Clem shot Lee when he was about to turn, and then Clem escaped Savanna and fled to the countryside. She saw survivors in the distance. Possibly Crista/Omid. Now, I don't know how much of that was determinant, but I heard that Lee's death is apparently determinant. If so, I'm replaying it. I also wanna know how Ben would fit in to all of this. I'm guessing Kenny's storyline can be very different pending on how you played, but I wonder if he could've survived somehow. Hell he might've survived on my play through it's not like it was shown. Any ideas on what season 2 is gonna be?