I am very intrigued by Merle and the Govenor being added to the main cast. It makes me exited about Merle's chances to last a long time. He is truly the wild card in the show as we can't really decide who's side he's on. However, this is bad news for Carol, T-Dog, and Hershel. Beth and Axel are still safe I think. But Carol, T-Dog, and Hershel have just as much screen time as the main cast if not more. Which means that either they're up for the chopping block or they just don't know how to ask for a raise. T-Dog seems like the one who dies in the next episode which is confusing because "big plans for T-Dog" hasn't really happened. He may've been turned into one of the more badass characters this season, but he still doesn't get quite as many lines as the rest. I wanna know more about the guy before he gets offed. Do you guys agree with me here? As for Hershel, I still think he's safe and they didn't put him in the main cast soley so people wouldn't be able to predict whether he dies or not. They knew if they added him to the main cast in "Seed" than people would know that he wouldn't die within the next five episodes. Carol is the one to be worried about a lot, though, because her storyline is just about run out. The Walking Dead tries to kill off characters who have full storylines. Think Dale, Glenn (comic), and Shane. They all ran their coarse and I think Carol has too.