I just finished playing it a while ago and I'm still rying to process what just happened. Basically, half of the cast was just slaughtered. Lee, Kenny, and Clem are the only ones left. New arrvals are a cool homeless guy and two uninteresting people standing where Carley/Doug and Lily should be. Katjaa and Duck are one thing, but offing Lily and Carley was overkill. However, if anybody else has played through, I gotta know. Was killing Lily determenent?* My other point, why do you think they went a different, darker direction with the game. I didn't like this past episode. It was basically like Made to Suffer only it was way to early. I don't like the direction the game is going. I think they had an entirely different plan when they were through with Starved fo Help and just changed it and that's why it took so long for the game to come out. Also, wasn't pretty much everybody on the train in the preview a few months ago?

  • I know she isn't actually dead because she shows up in the comics later. But she might as well be dead because I doubt she's popping up in the game again.