A lot of people have made blogs about what they think will happen. What about what we want? What needs to be done to make the show great. Not what's the most obvious and realistic massacre that is next to come.

1.) No more fan-service. Killing off Lori was necessary to the development of Rick's (and Carl) character, BUT they only killed her off this early because fans hated on her. Then there's T-Dog. The fans wanted Tyreese to show up and T-Dog to die, so look what happened. To fill in the blank, they had Oscar who was mercilessly killed off. We'll get to that later. I swear to God if they pull a dick-move like killing off Andrea just because of the backlash, I will stop watching the show*

2.) We don't need one person representing every ethnic group. You don't HAVE to keep Glenn around. You don't HAVE to get us interested in numerous black characters just until a long-awaited one appears. If you guys can kill kids and decapitate heads on a weekly basis, then you can tell the diversity guy to f*ck off.

3.) Make Daryl interesting again. I've never liked Daryl as much as most, but he was at least a complex character last season. This season he's just been the resident badass. This comes back to the whole fan service thing.

4.) Get Hershel a peg leg. If the survivors are smart enough to use flashlights as silencers, surely they can pull this off.

5.) No more "in the middle" characters. Okay, you should have Mainys, supporters, and background characters. You should not have a fourth group in between supporters and background characters. I'm talking about Beth, Haley, Rowan, Alice, T-Dog, Jimmy, and Patricia. They get lines but no development. Turn them into one or the other. I would personally like to see more of Haley and Beth.

6.) Don't do something JUST because it's realistic. If it doesn't further the story in ANY way, don't do it. Did the death of T-Dog or Oscar affect the story AT ALL? No.

What are improvements you want to see?

  • This is not the same thing as with Daryl. When somebody says they'll stop watching if Daryl dies, than that's because they're idiots. I'm saying that killing off someone as pivotal as Andrea just because of a bunch of morons who don't know what they're talking about is stupid.