Okay this is basically 2 different blog posts in one. The first is about season 2 of the video game.

Anyway I would really like the second to follow Lilly. I was thinking the opening could be zombies overunning the prison and she's leading all the people inside. They hide in various parts of the prison. I know that zombies were shown getting inside but there were still PLENTY of places to hide.The entire first episode would be them trying to escape the prison. It would also provide a little insight into where Lilly went for non-comic readers. When they escape, they would decide to retreat back to Woodbury just to find it overrun and Lilly says that sicne they're all going on the road, they might as well go to Savanna to see if her friends "made it". At the end of episode 1 she sees people on the road and stops the caravan. She finds Clementine and the 2 people from the epilouge (possibly Crista and Omid). Another way they could go is have you play Molly and Molly finds Clem pretty quickly.

The second "blog" I'm "creating" is the revival of one of my older ideas. A little while ago I proposed that AMC could pick up a miniseries based on season 1 of the game. Probably something like: "The Walking Dead: The Tale of Lee Everett." ? Some people said it wouldn't be right because it would be telling people that their choices were right/wrong. This is a good point but remember that the game is canon to the comics, if AMC picked a miniseries it would be canon to the tv series. So some of the differences would probably be that Glenn wouldn't be in it because I'm pretty sure he was in Atlanta from the get-go in the tv series. I would definetely hope that Carley and Doug would both make it in the first episode that way only Doug would get shot in episode 3 and Carley would make it till the end. Another HUGE thing they could do is make it where Crawford never got overrun. That would be really different. Also give Chuck more screentime. I think episode 2 could go down the exact same way. What do you guys think?