So, out of my boredom, I came up with this idea. If you could be Robert Kirkman, how would you write the rest of the show? Keep in mind, this is not a predictions blog, that would be absolutely idiotic to try and predict everything that happens throughout the remainder of the show. So here's how mine goes:

Season 4


The first half the season focuses on developing all of the characters. And I mean with every character. All of the main cast, old and new, and as many of the Woodburians as possible. The characters go on supply runs to a variety of locations. Glenn and Maggie get married. Daryl and Carol hook up. Sasha and Beth both become close friends. Tyreese becomes Rick's new right hand man while Daryl does his own thing. Walkers are the main threat, but there are also various storylines with the Woodburians. I think it would be cool if some of them went crazy (serial killer storyline, anyone?) and raised all kinds of hell. Like letting walkers in the prison and stuff like that. I think it would also provide the oppurtunity for some of the early prison subplots from the comics. Suicide, power struggles, etc, etc. At the end of the mid-season finale, the Governor shows up with a new group, ready to attack the prison.

Meanwhile, The Governor has been searching for a new group ever since season 3 ended (about four months). Martinez and Shupert get tired of putting up with him and start to become more rebellious. This storyline would be shown simultaniously with the the prison's during the first half of the season. The Governor ends up killing them both. Realizing that he has no hope of ever getting revenge on Rick's group, the Governor decides to commit suicide. He drives his car and flips it on purpose on the highway. Walkers almost get in the car and him just as Abraham and his group of thirty hardcore survivors save him. They patch him up and the Governor explains his situation. A group killed his daughter and destroyed his community, and without hope of getting revenge on them, he decided to kill himself. True as all of that may be, he obviously left out some of the important parts :) Just like in the comics, Abraham's only drive is to solve a problem, and the Governor has a problem. Which all leads to the same point in the mid-season finale, the Governor attacks.

The second half of the season focuses entirely on the war. Eugene and Rosita say they want out after the first assault. Abraham decides that whatever they say goes, and leaves the Governor and his new group. Carol, Hershel, Glenn, Maggie, Tyreese, Sasha, and Beth all leave the prison. Michonne and Daryl go after the Governor. Michonne loses her sword the Governor uses it to cut off Daryl's hand. She gets the sword back and takes Daryl back to the prison. Meanwhile, at the farm, a large group of zombies arrives. In the process, Beth gets bitten on the neck (a HUGE wake-up call for Maggie, who hasn't lost someone like this before). Maggie puts Beth down herself. Keep in mind, Beth would have been developed all season in this situation, so it's not a waste. In the final assault, all of the remaining Woodburians are killed. Everyone from the farm returns for the fight. Sasha and Hershel are both killed. Glenn is mortally wounded. The Governor grabs Carl and stabs his eye, taking it out. Rick shoots and the Governor in his lungs, making him paralyzed but not dead. Michonne grabs Carl and takes him away from the prison. Daryl finds the Governor gasping for breath on the ground and, just like he promised, takes his other eye out, leaving him to bleed to death. They all decide to regroup at Woodbury, where they find Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita. Eugene explains their situation and season 4 ends more open-ended like season 2 did.

Major Deaths

Beth, Sasha, Hershel, the Governor, and all Woodburians.

Season 5


The first half is all about the road to Washington. There is a small time jump, which allows the group to already be on the road when it starts and Morgan joins the group in 501. They meet Gabriel Stokes less directly, as they run into his church instead of him wandering across them. Ever since Glenn's recovery, he has stopped seeing Maggie, and barely speaks to anyone. Maggie crys about her recent losses in the church and Rick comforts her. During the Hunters storyline, it is Tyreese who takes Dale's place and dies similarily. In the mid-season finale, they find Alexandria. Alexandria's storyline goes similarily to how it did in the comics, with some differeces here and there. Carol kills Pete instead of Rick. In the finale, No Way Out occurs. Carol saves Daryl, as she is tired of letting people die so she can continue living. She ends up surviving anyway, though. Morgan dies the same way he did in the comics here.

Major Deaths

Tyreese and Morgan 

I'll update this in a few minutes for the last two seasons.

Season 6


The first half covers volumes 15 and 16, with a few changes here and there, but nothing so major that I would specify. The mid-season finale would be where Gregory (or whoever his counterpart is) tells Rick's group about the Saviors and they make the deal. Glenn and Maggie rekindle their old romance, much to Rick's disappointment (he's not angry at Glenn and has no intention of trying to steal her, but has developed feelings for her). Daryl gets Abraham's death. It would be perfect for all those people who want him to have a random death, he would survive for a long time to come, and what is a better way for Daryl to die than with a fucking arrow going through his head?! The same sort of conflict with the Saviors occurs. In the season finale, Negan is introduced and Glenn is executed.

Major Deaths

Daryl and Glenn

Final Season


The whole Saviors war happens over the course of the season. Maggie has sex with Rick after Glenn dies. Her relationship with him is mostly just a way for her to avoid thinking about Glenn at first, but grows into something more meaningful as the season goes on. Carl says that the group should move on before a repeat of the Woodbury war happens. The Kingdom, Ezekiel, and Shiva are introduced and the storyline goes the same kind of way, with changes here and there. When the fighting really starts, Carol kills Dwight with Daryl's crossbow. In the series finale, Rick, Carl, Michonne, Maggie, some other characters, and Jesus take on the Saviors. Carol is told to stay at Alexandria and lead in Rick's place. In the end, the Saviors are defeated but Negan stabs Rick in the heart. Maggie shoots and kills Negan. Carl puts Rick down. Carl asks Michonne if she would like to come with him because he wants to go off on his own. (Multiple ending time!) Carol becomes the leader of Alexandria. Maggie decides to live out her days in Hilltop. Carl and Michonne walk off into the unknown in the final scene.

Major Death

Rick Grimes

So, how would you write the rest of the series?