This is probably gonna be pretty long, but it's time I made my point.

Season 2

Exclusion of the Wiltshire Estates

One of the first few major locations in the comics. It was skipped in favor of the vehicle jammed highway. Why? I have no idea. The herd contained as many walkers as you would expect in the Wiltshire Estates, the highway set must have taken forever to set up, and more so than anything else: It ended up in the show anyway. Why didn't they keep the same storyline? The only reason I can think of is that they "wanted to do something different". Well, writers, different is not always better.


First off: NO, SHE WAS NOT A WHORE. She was excruciatingly inconsistent throughout the season. In Nebraska/Triggerfinger, she went off to save the perfectly capable Rick, Glenn, and Hershel without bothering to tell anyone. After that, she made up for it by actually taking out walkers and telling Rick to kill Shane. Then, in 18 Miles Out, she decided to be the biggest b*tch on the planet.

1.) At the beginning of the season, she contemplated letting Carl die because it would be better than him living in that world. It was understandable and I felt sorry for her. But then, when Beth wants to commit suicide, she says "That's not an option." Then she scolds Andrea for sympathizing with Beth because: Yes, it is a valid option in that world.

2.) This particular scene makes 18 Miles Out unwatchable for me. Lori complains about Andrea not helping then with the housework. Just because Andrea's female, she's supposed to do that shit? Lori, I think I know someone that you'd get along with very well.

3.) The whole "tell Glenn to man up." thing was almost as frustrating. It came close but it wasn't quite that ridiculous. Lori Grimes, this is the apocalypse, not Westeros.

Killing Dale

I understand that DeMunn asked to leave, BUT he changed his mind. This is the big one, people. This is the one that sent the show in a downward spiral.


Why were Jimmy and Patricia part of the show? So the writers could say they killed someone in the finale. The comics never had redshirts. Same for T-Dog. He had absolutely nothing to do after Cherokee Rose.

Season 3

Killer Within

T-Dog was finally getting developed, then he died. See, I don't even put "..." I just put "," because that's how sudden it was. And that's not a good thing. Then they killed Lori. This was the 23rd episode of the show. In a regular series, that's the season 2 premiere. They killed the female lead of the entire 1st act of the comics that early. An they were improving her, too. This is another sign of a dying show: killing off characters that aren't working instead of fixing them. It's basically admitting defeat after defending her character so much.

Killing for the sake of Killing

Wow, when Dale died, the show didn't just lose it's humanity, it also lost the artistry. Oscar and Axel, two very interesting characters are both killed for shock value. Allen, Ben, and Donna are introduced to be, again, redshirts. The only new character to really go out with a bang this season was Milton.

Killing Merle

You notice how many of these involve killing characters too early? Well, Merle's death was definitely fitting, but it would've fit better in season 4.

Killing Andrea

This was the event that cut that thread holding the show up. Andrea, one of the most crucial characters in the show and comics, was killed. All because of backlash. Many who wanted her dead were just average viewers, not fans. Come to this site, or even spoilthedead, and you'll see that fans didn't want her to go. It was a good death, but it should've occurred during the final season of the show.

I know how the safety works. Well, clearly the writers don't.