Most of the blogs lately have either been about what will happen in season 4 or about how bad season 3 was. Well, let's look at the good points. What were the best scenes this season?

1.) Seed: The best scene in Seed was easily when the group had settled inside of the prison. Watching them rest for the first time in months was very enjoyable.

2.) Sick: Maggie saying goodbye to Hershel. It was heartbreaking to see her like that and Lauren Cohan sold it perfectly.

3.) Walk With Me: Andrea, Michonne, Milton, and The Governor drinking tea. Woodbury had such a strong start in this episode but it went downhill quickly. But we can still enjoy the good parts from Walk With Me.

4.) Killer Within: Andrea learning Philip's name! Joking aside, Woodbury's storyline was at a lowpoint in this episode. Lori'd death scene was easily the best scene of the episode.

5.) Say the Word: Daryl laying the Cherokee Rose on Carol's grave.

6.) Hounded: There are a lot o choose from as this was strongest of the first half of episodes (Thank you, Scott Gimple). I'm gonna have to go with Daryl finding Carol in the tombs, though.

7.) When the Dead Come Knocking: The final scene where The Governor told Andrea that everything was "over".

8.) Made to Suffer: Michonne and Andrea standing off. In an episode that was the lowpoint of the entire season, this one scene made it iconic.

9.) The Suicide King: Rick, Daryl, Maggie, Glenn, Michonne, and Merle arguing in the forest. Fucking hilarious.

10.) Home: Do I really even need to say it? The final battle scene, of coarse.

11.) I Ain't A Judas: When Andrea drove away from the prison. I love that scene.

12.) Clear: Morgan telling the story of how Duane died. Lennie James deserves an Emmy for this.

13.) Arrow on the Doorpost: Rick and The Governor talking about the Governor's dead wife.

14.) Prey: Milton burning the walkers.

15.) This Sorrowful Life: Daryl putting WalkerMerle down.

16.) Welcome to the Tombs: Andrea's death scene. Everything leading up to it was ridiculous what with the pliers, her not being able to kill him with ease, somehow being bit underneath her clothing, and the very idea that she died anyway...all that aside, her final scene was perfect and ties with the closing scene of the Woodburians moving into the prison.

What were your favorite scenes from this season?