Okay so basically what this blog is for is to get everyone's rough idea of what they think will happen in the coming episodes. Just follow my lead.

The Suicide King: Daryl and Merle will be forced to fight each other. Rick will rescue both of them. Allen and Ben will plan to take over but back out. Rick will leave to get Morgan. Walkers show up in Woodbury from all the gunfire.

Home: Merle gets aquainted with the group. Rick is on the road heading to get Morgan. He might make a pitstop at the Farm to bury Shane (and maybe meet someone while he's there.

I Ain't A Judas: Andrea debates on leaving Woodbury (she will eventually but I'm not sure if it will be in this one). The Governor no longer trusts Andrea and she has to prove herself (not because she actually wants to be on his side but for her own well-being). Meanwhile, Merle has similar problems involving trust at the prison. Him likely saying the title at some point.

Clear: The synopsis is bogus. How can Rick leave to get his friend in Home, be back at the prison in I Ain't A Judas, and then find Morgan in in this one? So anyway, I think if Andrea doesn't leave in the previous one, she will in this one. There's not much else I can predict for this one.

Arrow on the Doorpost: The prepares to attack the prison. Andrea returns to Woodbury to try and settle the dispute peacefully which obviously goes awry.

Prey: This is the assault episode. If Allen/Ben haven't already tried to do something and gotten killed already, they will both get killed in this one. I think Axel will get killed as well. Possibly Sasha.

This Sorrowful Life: Lilly comes to the prison. In the trailer, it looks like Rick is captured by the Governor, if that happens this would be the one for it to occur in. Hershel will leave the prison along with others. Probably Beth. Maybe Glenn, Maggie, Carol, and Judith.

Welcome to the Tombs: I know that Rick, Michonne, Daryl, and someone else (possibly Lilly) go to Woodbury. Meanwhile, a herd shows up at the prison and the characters are scattered through the tombs.

What do you guys think will happen in each episode?