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Emmy Noms Tomorrow!

AlVan July 18, 2012 User blog:AlVan

Alright, remember that poll I make a few months ago? Well now the time has come to see if the walking dead can win Emmys. We seriously have no way of knowing. Season 1 was most likely snubbed because it was short and it aired before all the other shows did, therefor it wasn't so fresh on there minds. Tech. Awards are a gimme. The big possibilities are Michael Rooker for best guest actor, Jon Bernthal for best supporting actor, and Andrew Lincoln for Best Actor. The long shots are Jeffery DeMunn, Scott Wilson, Sarah W. Callies, and a Best Drama Nomination. I don't think the other actors have a chance. At least not this year. I hope the academy surprises us. I would love to see the walking dead get a nod for the big ones. If anything, please just break Mad Men's winning streak it's ridiculous. Comments?

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