Killing Andrea might be able to help the show make a comeback. Her death appears to have changed Michonne. Keep in mind, this is not a predictions blog, this is a "wants" blog. Still reeling from the death of Andrea, I cannot make predictions without sounding extremely cynical. It's also a little too early for predictions. So, I'm going to do the whole "Character death line-up" thing now.

Rick, Carl, Michonne: Alive becasue they have to be. We already lost one of the four...

Carol: Alive. Melissa McBride needs to be promoted and Carol needs to take Andrea's place.

Daryl: Alive. I really don"t wanna see anymore of the original cast go...

Glenn: ...but one of them has to go! Dead.

Maggie: Either way, really. I don't care all that much about Maggie whether she lives or dies.

Hershel: Same as Carol. Scott Wilson should be promoted and he should at least make it to season 5.

Beth: Dead. Hershel, Carol, Tyreese, and Sasha will probably leave after the Governor returns and I think Beth won't want to abandon the group. "I'm pissed at Daryl for leaving." as she once said. She needs to go in the assault. The writers should also develop her in season 4 so people will actually care.

Tyreese: Alive. He is the third and final character I think needs to be in the main cast. Tyreese should live to see the ASZ.

Sasha: Alive. I really like her and Tyreese as a team.

Karen: Dead. Hey, it's Alice! I'm bound to fall in love with the character but she's a goner and I'm okay with that.

Martinez: Dead. He's with the Governor and he's not changing.

Shupert: Dead. I cannot belive this guy is on the list but Andrea, Merle, and Oscar are not. I would like to see him betray the Governor and run to the prison...but realistically, he's not changing either.

The Governor: Dead. I hope his "meanwhile" arc during the first half of the season is interesting. But we all know how the second half will end.

The Newbies: I love that Woodbury has moved into the prison, fullfilling Andrea's dying wish. But they're all goners.