Remember that photo gallery that included Hershel, Maggie, Rick, Carl, Merle, Carol, and Beth? The one that also didn't include T-Dog or Lori. Glenn's actor was the one taking the pics, Andrea, Michonne, and the Govenor were probably in a different location/set/etc. Daryl was not in it. These photos were taken during production of the second half of the season. Daryl is also the only main cast member that can be killed off in this first half if you think about it. Rick, Carl, Andrea, and Michonne are the leads in the comics and I think that's one of the few things they'll never entirely deviate from. Merle, the Govenor just got added and Glenn is kind of a main stay. He might get killed off toward the end of the prison arc as a big twist but not this early. But I really hunk Daryl is the one who's going down in Made to Suffer. What do you guys think? Also, OBAMA FOR THE WIN VOTE NOW!!!!!