A lot of people make blogs about this. 90% of the time those people are wrong. A few months ago I said Hershel woud survive his amputation. I also said that T-Dog was the only one in the group who could go down via walkers. What do you know I was right. That's why I'm making this blog.




Andrea-safe you dumbasses

Hershel-I hope he survives. He could die, though. For those of you guys who think he's just there to get torn apart, that is absolutely ridiculous. Name another character like Hershel who has EVER been savagely torn apart. 50/50

Beth-I think safe. I hope safe. All in all I'm leaving it at 50/50

Carol-It depends. I heard she's been promoted. If so, safe. If not, she is going to die, unfortunately.





Tyreese-safe (for this season at least)

Morgan-50/50. You know how AMC is with more than one black guy.

Daryl-I don't know when, I don't know how, but he will die at some point in this arc. He will not live past the prison.

Merle-I have not f*cking idea. He is the joker in the deck of cards. I know that he wants to be on whatever side is not the governor's, so maybe he will be with Rick full-time.

The Governor-he will be killed by Merle either this season of next.

Glenn-safe for now. He might die at some point next season. Of he makes it past the prison arc, I believe he will die in the 100th episode.

Maggie-same as Glenn. If she makes it past the prison, she's probably here to stay.

The people of Woodbury (Milton, Haley, etc)-50/50 for everybody. I hope Haley, Milton, and Alice have more story.

Martinez-dead. I think he will play some sort of important part, but not as pivotal as in the comics.

Rowan-she might be a redshirt. She might've been a dropped concept entirely. she might be the game-changer 50/50


I know I'm forgetting someone. Please remind me who it is

UPDATE: Now I remember.

Judith-dead. Robert Kirkman said 3x13 is like a finale. That will be the season 3 Prison vs Woodbury episode. 3x16 will probably end with Judith's death by natural causes