This is the same article as I have up on my profile page, but I just wanted to get to know some of you guys, so I'd thought I'd do it this way. Also it includes my brief history with The Walking Dead and how I got here. So enjoy.

Hello, I am ahhculdee from Youtube. I have been a very avid fan of The Walking Dead since my friend introduced me to it in the Spring of 2013. Since then I have watched the entire TV Series, read the entire comic series, in the process of playing the TellTale game, and have yet to read the novels. I do Walking Dead TV Epidode Reviews and may do Comic Issue reviews on my Youtube if there's interest. I've been a longtime lurker on the forum, and just now decided to join the forum. I sometimes usually overthink the show/comic sometimes, but it's all part of the fun of being a fan. Thanks for the wonderful fourm and continue up the good work.

My Youtube Channel: ahhculdee

My Twitter Account: ahh3uldee