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'Presumed Undead'

Afc666 December 8, 2013 User blog:Afc666

Well, the Wiki made a 'Presumed Dead' status and maybe there should be a 'Presumed Undead' Status that should go to Jim, Julio and Mitch.

1. Jim was left, I know that there's a 99% chance that he turned but that 1% could have been a roaming walker that was attraced by the sound of the vehicles and it ripped into Jim. As he was really weak by this point, he was unable to kill it and eventually more and more were attracted. And now he is completely devoured and hasn't turned. That would mean that he is 'Dead' and not 'Undead' but we just don't know 100% so there should be 'Presumed Undead'

2. Julio was seen shot in the chest and left by Glenn and Maggie. No one was seen stopping the reanimation, so it should be presumed that he turned into a walker instead of staying dead. But then again, you're not sure if he got devoured or not, so it should be 'Presumed Undead'

3. Mitch was shot in the heart by Daryl so he should have died almost instantly. Then IF he got devoured then he wouldn't have turned but we just don't know for sure so he should be 'Presumed Undead'

It was just an idea.

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