• AdamChedski

    Michonne's Death?

    March 23, 2012 by AdamChedski

    This is only assumptions, but issue #96 of the walking dead on image comic's website has the syspnosis as follows "THE ROAD TO ISSUE ONE HUNDRED STARTS HERE AS "A LARGER WORLD" CONCLUDES!

    Will Rick's community join the network? Will they enter into an era of unprecedented peace and prosperity - or has Rick ruined that for everyone? Has he now made more, deadlier enemies for them to deal with? "

    Also, a cover with rick holding a broken sword looking surprisingly similar to michonne's signature blade. So is this a hint as to what will happen to Michonne? broken sword representing the passing of Michonne perhaps..

    Weigh in on my presumtions please give your opinion on the matter.

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