So we've established that nobody likes the "If Daryl dies, we riot" people... but I've been noticing something.

There's actually more people saying that they hate the people that say that, than are actually saying it. On this wiki, I haven't seen a single person say that if Daryl dies they'll stop watching the show. What I have seen, is many people saying "Oh I hate Daryl because he's popular". This doesn't make sense. Some characters get popular on TV shows and become fan favourites: you can't change that.

If you dislike his character, that's one reason to not want him around, sure. But just because he's popular? And just because he's a badass? That doesn't make sense. I'd think Michonne is an example of a character who's so far been little more than a badass in the TV series, and has not changed at all in the amount of time she's been around (for the record, she'll probably get developed sooner or later, but so far, not really). At least Daryl has a backstory currently, and an interesting one (in my opinion) at that. 

But anyways, what are some of the reasons you like or dislike Daryl Dixon? And what are your thoughts on his role in the series?