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A thought about Glenn

Acz56 February 11, 2013 User blog:Acz56

Maybe spoilers...

So while watching last night's episode I had a little thought, and this is just purely speculation but here's what I'm thinking:What if Glenn could take on some of comic Tyreese's storyline? The potential's there. As we've seen so far, due to the experience in Woodbury, Glenn is visibly furious with The Governor. In the last two episodes he's stepped up and gone pretty "badass". Now, with the preview of "Home" it looks like he plans on going after Woodbury once more. He continues to want to take the fight on them, and hit them while they don't expect it. If he goes through with that, there would be a high possibility of capture. That reminds me a bit of the Tyreese situation, because as we all know he was captured after he and Michonne went to ambush the Woodbury soldiers during their retreat. He also appears to be the only person in his group currently who has vocally spoken up for Michonne, and as seen in a preview he suggests she and him attack The Governor. So I'm thinking, it could be kind of possible for him to take comic Tyreese's death (the iconic beheading scene). What do you guys think?

As well, when I was watching Talking Dead last night, Steven Yeun repeatedly said "Glenn's young and he can make stupid choices when he's driven by emotion" (or something along those lines). Maybe a little foreshadowing? I don't know, I'm just going out on a limb here. What do you guys think will happen with Glenn?