• Acz56

    Spoilers lie ahead...

    So we all know that TWD is filled with moments of insane brutality and violence, but what made you squirm the most? What moment in all of The Walking Dead media made you cringe?

    Was it when a walker evicerated Dale in season 2 of the TV show?

    Was it when Clementine stitched up her own wound in the first episode of Season 2 in the video game?

    Was it when Negan Lucille'd Glenn in Issue 100?

    Was it when Carver broke Carlos' fingers while his daughter was forced to watch?

    Was it the Karen's actress' acting?

    What are your thoughts on the most brutal moment of The Walking Dead?

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  • Acz56

    Possible spoilers, I guess.

    So anyone who's read the comics remembers the twins (Allen and Donna's kids) Ben and Billy, who, after their parents' deaths became adopted by Andrea and Dale. One of the twins (I can't remember which one was which for the life of me) went kinda psycho and killed the other one, then was later killed by Carl.

    I have a theory about Lizzie and Mika (the two sisters in the tv series): 

    I believe that Lizzie was the one feeding the walkers (as we saw, she seems to have a peculiar facination with them - treating them almost as pets at times). As we saw in "Too Far Gone", Tyreese discovered a gruesome whateverthehellthatwas, which he believed was made by Karen and David's killer/ whoever was feeding the walkers. Now, seei…

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  • Acz56

    This is something that's been driving me nuts for days now.

    I mean, I have no problem looking at the predictions, so to speak, but when people make blogs basically explaining or writing what their version of several episodes are, it gets tiresome.

    Now, I'm aware the wiki has a no fanfiction policy- I'm pretty sure when people writeup "episodes" on this site, that's fanfiction. 

    So, is someone eventually planning on doing something about these "episodes", because technically they don't belong on this wiki- they belong on Undead Fan Stories Wiki, if anything.

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  • Acz56

    Alright, so as we know, with tonight's season finale the TV series has basically taken the fork in the road branching off from the comics - SPOILERS- Andrea's gone, the Governor's unknown, and half of Woodbury now resides in the prison. What lies ahead for the prison group? Will the Governor return in season 4? Who will Rick's post-Lori love be? Will Karen's acting get any better?

    All these questions and more; what are your predictions for the 4th season? And how are you feeling about the sudden change from the comics?

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    Survival instinct thoughts

    March 22, 2013 by Acz56


    There's probably another blog about this somewhere, but I don't care, I can't find it at this second and I'm lazy. Anyways, as we all know, "The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct" has been out for a couple of days now. I sat through the entire 3 hour gameplay online, and I've got a few opinions on it, and I'd like to hear everyone else's.

    My thoughts on what I watched for the game (KEEP IN MIND I DID NOT PLAY IT, though I did sit through four hours of gameplay, so I can't say I've had the full imersion, but I've had part of it):

    Let's start with the pros:

    I thought it was a cool concept; the sneak-up execution of walkers, the travelling/scavenging/roadblocks themes, the melee-based combat, etc. …

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