The Walking Dead Season 3

Episode 1: Seed:

Remains mostly unchanged.  Development for the highly developed members of the cast such as Daryl and Hershel is transferred to Tyreese and Sasha, who the group found over the winter and have already fully integrated themselves into the group.  How they joined Rick’s group and appealed to his humanity can be explained through flashbacks and dialogue. 

Episode 2: Sick

The episode is exactly the same except for the character of Oscar not appearing.  Instead, the group fights through the tombs until Tomas tries to kill Rick in the laundry room.  Big Tiny is not killed and takes the place of Oscar until Killer Within.  The remainder of the episode stays the same. 

Episode 3: Walk With Me

The entirety of the Woodbury plot remains the same with a few tweaks to the Andrea/Phillip romance.  Primarily, it just needed better writing and fewer clichés. 

Episode 4: Killer Within

The group is attacked by the horde of walkers let loose by Andrew during the scene where Axel and Big Tiny try to get Rick to accept them into the group.  The group fights through them in similar fashion to the original episode.  Big Tiny heroically runs to close the gate and is bitten.  He dies saving Carol.  T-Dog, Rick, Glenn, Axel, and Daryl move through the tombs.  T-Dog and Glenn go a separate Way.  Axel kills Andrew and earns his place in the group. 

Episode 5: Say the Word

Episode is unchanged except the Maggie’s role and dialogue is transferred to T-Dog, who is pleased Axel is now part of the group.  More scenes show Axel interacting with the new group.  He helps Glenn dig graves for Lori, missing Carol, and Big Tiny. 

Episode 6: Hounded

The episode is the same.  Andrea and the Governor actually have a well written romance, however. 

Episode 7: When the Dead Come Knocking

The episode is unchanged except for the removal of Merle’s dialogue about T-Dog. 

Episode 8: Made to Suffer

Michonne leads Rick, Daryl, Axel, and T-Dog to Woodbury and Axel is shot in the escape with Glenn and Maggie in tow.  (He comments about it hurting much more last time).  Daryl and T-Dog are captured and the cliffhanger remains the same with the exception of the terrible extras.  Good extras take their place in this episode and the next. 

Episode 9: The Suicide King

Rick and Maggie go back for T-Dog and Daryl and manage to escape with Daryl and Merle.  Maggie says they must look for T-Dog too, but the Governor’s men are closing in.  Daryl says that T-Dog wouldn’t want them to lose anyone else going for him, saying how good a man T-Dog was.  Otherwise, the episode remains the same.  Obviously, the scenes with Tyreese and the group are switched out with more character scenes.  Rick, in a speech at the end of the episode about the group’s safety, still sees Lori and freaks out. 

Episode 10: Home

The episode stays the same until the final scene.  The Governor arrives at the prison gates and gives the group the chance to surrender.  Rick, only seeing Shumpert and Martinez with the Governor, advises Tyreese to get the rest of the group to dig into the prison’s defenses and prepare for a firefight.  T-Dog is brought out and selflessly yells to Rick to never surrender before he is killed by the Governor with Michonne’s sword, which she lost in the firefight during Made to Suffer.  The group manages to survive the attack with no more casualties.  The final scene shows them burying T-Dog and Michonne retrieving her sword, which the Governor dropped before his retreat. 

Episode 11: I Ain’t a Judas

The episode is a major slowdown from the pace of the previous episodes.  It focuses a lot on the group making a life at the prison.  Hershel and Axel begin to plant crops and Tyreese and Sasha get the generator running.  Andrea still shows up, but that part of the episode is shortened. 

Episode 12: Clear

Is perfect.  Except, by this time, Michonne is already a part of the group, removing Rick’s irrational hatred of everyone.  (Merle, after showing up in Home with his brother, is also part of the group). 

Episode 13: Arrow on the Doorpost

I enjoyed this episode a lot.  The only changes would be that Axel would accompany the group as well and have several conversations with Andrea while Hershel and Daryl are talking with Milton and Caesar respectively. 

Episode 14: Prey

This episode would focus on Andrea’s escape and the prison group making a life there, a concept ignored in the actual show which is introduced in episode 11 of this fictional version.  Andrea’s escape is trimmed down and she is tortured at the end.  (As much as AMC would allow). 

Episode 15: This Sorrowful Life

I regret the decision to kill of Merle early, but it was done in such a great way that this episode would likely remain the same.  Except Merle would find out from Daryl about the deal.  Rick never even thought about accepting as he believes the Governor would kill them all.  Also, Michonne is one of the most useful members of the group by this time. 

Episode 16: Welcome to the Tombs

The Governor leads his army towards the prison, but on the road, Shumpert and Martinez attempt to thwart his plans by talking him down.  The Governor snaps when they get out of the vehicles and massacres his army.  Only Karen survives, she tragically watched Noah die from inside the truck.  Shumpert and Martinez still obey the Governor when he tells them to get in the truck.  They drive away.

After Rick’s speech at the end of This Sorrowful Life, Tyreese advices Rick to lead the fight to Woodbury.  Daryl has retreated into himself after his brother’s death and Rick cannot convince him to come.  Axel, Glenn, Maggie, Carol, Tyreese, Sasha, Michonne, Carl, and Rick leave for Woodbury and find Karen on the road.  She explains what happened.  They reach Woodbury and find Andrea bitten by Milton, that plot remains the same except that those scenes only bookend the episode.  No pliers or staring contests.  Rick leads Woodbury back to the prison and it ends with a shot of the group, now some 40 people standing over the graves of Lori, T-Dog, Big Tiny, Merle, and Andrea.  

Season 3 had some spotty writing, but overall, I still liked it.  I would just like it much better this way.