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Other Survivor Group (Issue 92)

I thought this should be mentioned since no one else has mentioned it. When Rick, Abraham and Michonne meet Paul Monroe in issue 92, paul mentions two other survivor groups who the hilltop colony trades with. We now know one of them is The Saviors, or rather the hilltop colony is forced to do trades with The Saviors. But that leaves one other group who we haven't seen/met yet. Do you think we will meet them any time soon? Given the current storyline with the saviors, it is probably unlikely we will meet them soon. Also do you think this other survivor group is aware of the Saviors and their brutality, and like the hilltop they are forced to give into Negan's demands. This seems likely since we haven't met them. What are everybody's thoughts?

If you don't know what i'm talking about, read issue 92.

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