Slight spoilers for those who haven't read issue 101

So we know that Dwight has been captured by the ASZ citizens, what do you think rick, andrea and the rest of the group will do with him? do you think they will torture him for information? I honestly think they will try and interrogate him and not get any info. I also think that Negan and every single one of the saviors will come and break into the safe-zone, save dwight, then probably torture and kill a lot of the ASZ citizens. The reason i think this is because on the cover of issue 103 we see negan holding "lucille" over rick's head, now i don't think rick will die obviously not, but i think negan and the saviors have gained control of the ASZ by 103, so i think 102 will be a blood bath finale to something to fear with negan and the saviors taking control of the ASZ.

also the smug look on andrea's face at the end of the issue when she shows rick they captured dwight is hilarious. She probably thinks the saviors are a minimal threat lol, but wait until negan shows up at their front door