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Dave and Tony's group

Does anybody think Dave and Tony's group will appear in Season 3? If they do, could they possibly be apart of Woodbury?

Also i have a theory of who dave and tony's group could possibly be set up as in future seasons. Although they could have been lying, both Dave and Randall have stated that their group traveled around and never stayed in one place for too long and we can all assume since they tried to kill rick, glenn and hershel that dave, tony, sean and nate are a bunch of murdering maniacs especially dave and tony. We also know that the group has 30 or more men. This theory is a huge strech, but does anyone think that dave and tony's group could be evolved into negan and the saviors? If the show ever does go that far. I know it's a pretty wild theory, but dave and tony's group does fit into the saviors pretty well, a travelling group of maniacs willing to scare and kill people into getting what they want.

If they show goes as far as Negan and the Saviors, i don't see them making an appearance until late season 6, early season 7 and the group of 30 men would need time to grow, because i think negan has like 100 or more men working for him.

so thoughts?

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