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  • A Royale With Cheese

    Okay so I was playing through The Walking Dead episode 5 the other day and I noticed that during the part where they make a final stand in the house Kenny says he's out of rounds, but in either of his deaths he will either have one shot or an entire magazine of ammunition, was he lying to the group? or was  it simply a little error.

    I think that he kept the bullets in case Lee turned on them.

    Anyway post your opinions below!

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  • A Royale With Cheese

    Firstly, hey everyone this is my first blog post for TWD Wiki, I've read the blogs and posted my opinions and finally decided to create an account.

    Alright, so the topic I wanted to speak about is that a lot of the pages for characters on TWD (Especially Ben) are greeted with a bunch of nonsense about how they indirectly caused it, I understand that in most cases they probably did indirectly cause their deaths, but that section is for Killed victims.

    Also, in another light, if you think about it, multiple people can indirectly have caused the deaths of certain people, in a way, you could also say that Kenny indirectly cause the deaths of Carley and Doug because he was the one who got them stuck on the road.

    I know my suggestion probably isn't…

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