Alright everyone. So, as you know, Episode 5 of Telltale Games The Walking Dead has been released on all systems.

Now, this episode pulled a huge emotional reaction from me.

Causing me to cry nonstop like a baby afterwards.

Causing me to laugh at Omid's witty remarks about the "resourceful aura" around the bust.

And causing me to hate the person who was responsible, but them also notice that he had legitimate (if phsycotic) reasons to do what they did.

But most of all I was proud. Proud of how Lee and everyone had the willpower to pull through some of the toughest situations I've seen. Even though some of them didn't make it they were still heroes.

Now, I ask you:

What were your reactions to this amazing finale?

And what do you think Telltale will do for a second season of The Walking Dead?

Also, who do you think those two shadowy figures at the Epilogue look like?