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Predictions for 'Say the Word'

ANW November 5, 2012 User blog:ANW

Share your thoughts and ideas on what you think will happen in 3x05.







Well, 'Killer Within' was a VERY emotional episode. Rick's breakdown at the end will no doubt shape the way future episodes will play out. For example, when it comes to people like Tomas and Andrew, people who want to harm the group and place lives in jeopardy, Rick will either;

1. Not care.

2. Go batshit crazy and kill everyone.

I hope it's the latter. I think that the part in the promo when Rick holds Glenn against the wall happens when Rick goes to collect Lori's body. At the sight of his wife's body Rick will break down again. Glenn tries to console his friend by saying "We shouldn't be here." thus causing Rick to lash out. Another theory is that they hunt for the missing Carol and Glenn says the quote above causing Rick to lash out, possibly hinting that Rick will lash out at even the most minor of critisms. (I remember someone saying the idea of Rick seeing Lori's body and then lashing out at Glenn. I can't remember where I saw this, but if it was from a user on this website I am sorry for not giving credit)

Herschel informs the others that the baby needs formulae or she will die. Daryl immediately offers to go. Maggie offers to. In the promo, Daryl leaves the prison as someone closes the gate. But the person is outside. I can't tell who this person is, but I think Daryl will be joined by someone. In 'Killer Within', Merle asks the Governor if he can search Herschel's farm in search of Daryl. Now I think that Daryl will get close to Herschel's farm while Merle and a few Woodbury soldiers are searching the area. Daryl and the person will nearly get caught, but just manages to get away. He then eventually y finds the formulae and returns to the Prison.

Rick meanwhile, will be going mental over the death of Lori. Glenn, Axel and Oscar offer to go get T-Dog and Lori's bodies as well as find Carol. They go to leave, but Rick joins them. While killing the zombies Rick is much more brutal and doesn't give a shit when it comes to getting bit. They eventually find Carol locked in a cell and hold a funeral for T-Dog and Lori.

The Woodbury story will be Merle and Milton go looking for the farm, Milton displays his new padded suit. Andrea trusts the Governor more while Michonne does the opposite.

That's all I've got to say about 'Say the Word'. I'd like to hear your ideas and thoughts. My dream part of this episode would be that Daryl and the person who joins him finds Tyreese, Juile and Chris in the woods. But that won't probably happen.

Just saying that I have no idea what is going to happen next week and everything above could be wrong.