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  • ANW

    Predictions for 'Say the Word'

    November 5, 2012 by ANW

    Share your thoughts and ideas on what you think will happen in 3x05.







    Well, 'Killer Within' was a VERY emotional episode. Rick's breakdown at the end will no doubt shape the way future episodes will play out. For example, when it comes to people like Tomas and Andrew, people who want to harm the group and place lives in jeopardy, Rick will either;

    1. Not care.

    2. Go batshit crazy and kill everyone.

    I hope it's the latter. I think that the part in the promo when Rick holds Glenn against the wall happens when Rick goes to collect Lori's body. At the sight of his wife's body Rick will break down again. Glenn tries to console his friend by saying "We shouldn't be here." thus causing Rick to lash out.…

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