First off i want to say that i am new on here and this is my first blog that i am writing so i do appologize if this is not the greatest first blog. I am open to any feed back and thoughts on it. Thank you all! :)

Personally i had what i think is an interesting thought after watching the new episode tonight.  At the end Hershel rides off with Michonne at the end, after the long day of saving lives and kicking ass.  This was right before that final shot of The Govenor creeping out on the prison. I had the idea that could Hershel share the same or a similar fate as Tyreese did in the comics? 

I think it could be a possibility for one with Hershel being the "hero" of the episode tonight.  He was very much the main reason that as many people survived as they did this episode.  I also believe that it would also have the same devistating effect on the goup as Tyreese's execution did on the comic group due to Hershel having a larger role in the show at this point as opposed to Tyreese on the show. I also feel that this would lead to some great character development for not only Maggie and Beth, but to the rest of the survivors as well.

Let me know what you think. :)