After watching the first few min of the talking dead tonight (even though it kind of irritates me more than it should), the host kept asking about the idea of The Govenor reedeeming himself. Myself being a huge fan of the comic after i first started reading it a little over a year ago, i don't really think i like the idea of The Govenor "reedeeming" himself.  I personally don't think his "redemtion" will last very long and we will still see the prison assult, but the idea of the biggest monster from the comics (although Negan is argueably worse) turning a new leaf still seems weird to me.  I will admit that if the show manages to have a redemtion story in store for The Govenor and it works out well and still manages to make it feel right, then I will give them a lot of credit. 

How do you guys feel about The Govenor possibly being redeemed?