First off this contains spoilers of both the television series and the comic book, be warned.

Also wanted to say that this is my first real blog so sorry if there are mistakes or problems with it.





This is excruciatingly long. I have episode summaries for my predictions and character summaries for what I think will happen to them. It begins with the episode summaries just below.

Episode 9 You and I. Deaths – Redshirts.

Rick and Carl’s struggle to survive. Shows other peoples struggle to survive.

Episode 10 You and I Part 2. Deaths – N/a

Rick and Carl’s struggle to survive. Show other peoples struggle to survive.

Episode 11 Reunited and it Feels so Good. Deaths – Tyreese and Mika.

Familiar groups reunited, Abraham’s group and Lilly’s group join. Tyreese attacks Carol in anger and Abraham kills him. Eugene talks about a new threat that will come into play later on. Abraham’s group gives them reason to go to Washington. Lizzie kills Mika as a cliffhanger.

Episode 12 The Killing of the Shrew. Deaths – Lizzie

Foreshadows The Hunters, Carol kills Lizzie. The episode focuses the different groups trying to coexist and ends with Gabriel approaching them asking: “would you like to talk about God?”

Episode 13 An Asian Missing and A Church in the Wilderness. Deaths – N/a

It begins with everyone curious over Gabriel’s arrival, Glenn and Daryl don’t pay much attention to him. Eventually night falls and Glenn/Daryl has to leave the campsite at night alone for some reason, say he has to take a piss. He’s abducted by The Hunters. Day comes everyone’s suspicious of Gabriel he offers to take them to his church and from then on it’s all about suspicion on Gabriel believing it’s him, grilling Gabriel, and all until the last moments where it cuts to Glenn/Daryl with one leg and The Hunters munching on unknown meat.

Episode 14 Tainted Meat. Deaths – Glenn Rhee/Daryl ‘Plays with Squirrels’ Dixon, The Hunters.

Well, I prefer Glenn because he can say “tainted meat” because he’s been sick. But other people have proposed the idea of Daryl ‘Plays with Squirrels’ Dixon the hunter being the hunted and come on that’s good irony. So I just put them as interchangeable. But for Glenn after they’ve been eating some of him he’ll reveal he was sick a few days ago, the Hunters will question it because it was a few days ago and he seems to have recovered just like how they questioned Dale’s bite. If they do it to Dixon then he’ll probably do the same pussy face he did when he saw Merle’s zombie (the writers will probably have him act like the redneck Jedi they’ve made him and scare them somehow). After the tainted meat/Daryl scare tactic they’ll leave whoever at the church’s stoop, Maggie will rush to open the door and save Glenn causing her to take his place in the comics by being shot in the leg. If it happens to Daryl Glenn will probably be the one shot in the leg after saving Daryl. With this done the group will follow the Hunters back to their hideout and murder them, Gabriel by their side. The last scene would be Maggie putting Glenn down or Carol putting Daryl down and making up with him.

Episode 15 The Last Man on Earth. Deaths – N/a

This episode is the triumphant return of Morgan Jones so cheers for that. I really hope someone appreciates that reference right there, it’s a lot better than that idiotic ones to song lyrics that I had for my first few episode titles. But, nonetheless, the episode begins with the group on the road after whoever’s death from the Hunters and Rick wants to take the interstate to Cynthiana for Morgan. Abraham, Carl, and Rick go (only a select amount of people can fit in one car, yes you can call me Captain Obvious). Michonne stays back to protect the group. They go to Cynthiana on their way they get attacked by an assaulting group but this group doesn’t threaten to rape Carl (censors). They win the battle, find Morgan, reveal an undead Duane, grab a cache of weaponry, and drive toward the group. Before they make it they come about the new threat Eugene was talking about like how they came about a herd in Issue 59. With all this done they return home with Morgan.

Episode 16 Stranger Danger. Deaths – Tara Chamblers, Judith Grimes if she isn’t already dead, any surviving redshirts, Beth Greene, Carol (Sorry CarolFanJames, Cheria, and Hunter).

The episode is about them driving to Washington and running into the new threat that Eugene talked about. Carol dies but before she does Daryl and her make up. Beth dies, redshirts die, Tara dies, and Judith dies if she’s actually alive. In the end of the episode they all make it to Washington and lay a camp. We have the radio didn’t have any batteries in it or a television counterpart of it. After the debacle Aaron approaches them talking about the Alexandria Safe-Zone.

Rick Grimes: Survive

No doubt Rick will survive. Only doubt was when The Governor was strangling him (at least for me). His storyline will be that he struggles to survive with Carl in the first two episodes and hopefully Gimple effectively shows his insanity over Judith’s possible death because I can’t help but believe that’ll ensue. They already did the telephone though, will they do it again I have no idea. Maybe he’ll pick up a cup and string and hear Lori’s voice, that’s a novel concept. But after that I don’t think there’ll be many Rick centric storylines until they go to find Morgan Jones in episode 15, everything else will just be about him being a leader amid the zombie apocalypse as it always is.

Carl Grimes: Survive

Carl Grimes is going to branch out and we’ll be able to see him acting all professional, strong, and in essence he’s going to prove himself to be a true survivor. I don’t really like his television character, but this storyline is going to be straight from the comics so that’ll make me happy. After this he’ll follow it with the Morgan episode where he’ll probably use some of the things that his father taught him during the first two episodes of the second half.

Judith Grimes: Already dead? Survives onto Alexandria?

Well, I'm just throwing this out there as a possibility that she gets saved by Tara. Tara just wanders off to Timbuktu out through the prison courtyard and we never see anything of her again. I read that someone said that Judith was with the children but I didn't see her carrier with the kids as they shot Alisha so I just wanted to throw that out there because there's no confirmation of her death by Kirkman or any of the actors on Talking Dead and nothing left over from her body. If she's not alive and they're not confirming that she's dead, then maybe this is that zombie baby that everyone was expecting to see (at least I was expecting to see) earlier this season. Was it scrapped because it was too gory and the very fact that it was a baby?

Glenn Rhee: Death Episode 14? Survive?

Well I’m debating as to whether Glenn or Daryl should die at the Hunters. My preference is Glenn because he can say the “tainted meat!” line and he was always close to Dale. But I don’t think he’ll have much of a storyline for the rest of the season except for The Hunters, that is, unless he doesn’t have that storyline. If you want to read about how I think he’ll die then read my summary for episode 14. If Glenn doesn’t die then I think he would just survive for the rest of the season, probably until his original death in the comics at the supply run (Issue 75) just to trick everyone who thinks he’ll die at Negan out (which is like no one).

Maggie Greene: Survive

Maggie’s going to be a bit depressed.. She’d be depressed over her father’s death, Beth’s probably going to be in a troubled place so she’ll have to take care of her, and if Glenn dies then she’s sadder, who would’ve thought? Not to mention that I predict Beth dies. So she’s in a bad situation, she’ll probably be the guy Spencer pervs on rather than Andrea. Oh God I can’t wait to see those memes.

Beth Greene: Death Episode 16

I really want to say that Beth dies in episode eleven by committing suicide after succumbing to depression over Hershel’s death but that would be my storyline; judging by the decisions of the series’ writers  and where they’ve been taking Beth so far I would say that she is going to grow stronger in response to her father’s death. Even in the prison assault she was shooting through her tears after Hershel died. But they will probably have a storyline that’ll teach her that it’s okay to cry rather than store up her emotions like a sort of after school special type of thing. With this finished with she'll probably suddenly fall into being amazing with a gun able to shoot with the best of 'em; other than that she'll mostly fade into the background like she does in most episodes she's already in.

Daryl 'Plays With Squirrels' Dixon: Death Episode 15? Survives for Eternity?

For the record, this is not my theory but I like the idea. Daryl gets killed by the Hunters; it’s a hunter gets hunted type of thing. If you want to see how he dies read my summary for episode 14. If he doesn’t die then he’ll go on to be the angelic redneck Jedi who so happens to play with squirrels. Probably won’t have much storyline except interaction with Carol, frankly I think with as much as Carol’s been getting beaten up in relationships (literally and figuratively) she’ll probably try to separate herself from him which will be detrimental to Daryl. Eventually they’ll rekindle their relationship (surrogate mother and son is my preference but it could be romantic) before either of their deaths and it’ll be oh so beautiful.

Carol Peletier: Death Episode 16

Having been isolated from the group Carol stumbled upon Abraham’s group. They welcomed her. At the end of episode 10 Carol and Abraham’s group find Rick’s group unbeknownst to her Tyreese is filled with rage because he believes that Carol murdered Karen and David. Beginning of Episode 11 Tyreese tries to kill Carol with his hammer but Abraham shoots Tyreese dead before anything can be done. Carol feels very guilty and the groups speak yada yada. At the end of episode 11 they find Lizzie murdered Mika. Carol reveals everything and kills Lizzie to regain everyone’s trust. Soon after this Carol pushes everyone away, especially Daryl, because “everything I love dies!” If Daryl gets The Hunters death then she makes up with him in episode 14, if he doesn’t then her and Daryl make up in episode 16 before her death. This way she doesn’t have to see everyone she loves dying, God if I were her I’d be a little tired of it.

Michonne: Survive

She will do the same stuff she did when she was separated from the group in the comics. After that storyline is finished with they'll probably have her and Rick over their losses and we'll learn about her past. They hinted at Michonne losing a child in the past and Rick recently his baby (or did he?). Rather than Rick and Michonne bonding over their insanity like they did in the comics they'll probably bond over their similar losses. With this passed I think she'll probably be a dormant character until they reach Alexandria and then they'll save her that storyline for the next season.

Lizzie: Death Episode 12.

Lizzie ends up killing Mika in episode 10 like Billy killed Ben “I didn’t hurt the brains”. The truth behind Lizzie and the murders are revealed. The only way to get the other members of the group to trust Carol is for Carol to kill Lizzie. Carol kills her on the thirty minute marker.

Mika: Death Episode 11.

Mika dies on a cliffhanger and it’s shown that Lizzie is over Mika’s disembodied corpse with a knife. What would be great is if Mika’s head is already zombiefied.

Tyreese: Death Episode 11.

Tyreese has become a loose cannon following Karen’s death. And when I say a loose cannon I just mean he’s suicidal. I guess that’s what justifies a loose cannon nowadays; still he’s all we got now with Hershel dead. Nonetheless, I think that nothing short of an epiphany will end his suicide attempts, I don't think that's coming along anytime soon. Because of this I think he would still have a large bit of anger pent up towards the murderer of Karen (Carol) who as of episode "Too Far Gone" he doesn't know the identity of yet. Piggybacking on a popular theory I was assuming Carol would return in "Too Far Gone" with a gang from the comics Abraham, Eugene, and Rosita; she didn't. So now I think she'll return in episode 9, I bet on a cliffhanger, this will happen to be the same episode that it's revealed to Tyreese that Carol claimed that she killed Karen. In episode 10 Tyreese will try to kill Carol and to end the altercation Abraham will kill Tyreese; this'll end the imaginary problem of too many right-hand men and it will bring about major conflict and tension between Abraham's group and Rick's group. I say Tyreese dies because I don't see how Tyreese could recover from his insanity unless Sasha was to give him a major speech and I think they're already building up to this altercation. If this was to happen and Lizzie was the one who committed the murders then Carol would feel nearly overwhelmed with guilt because she led to both Mika’s death and Tyreese’s death.

Bob Stookey: Survive

Originally I was going to deem Bob the fate of Heath’s friend Scott but I don’t see how it could work. Besides, Bob rocks. I think Bob will have a relationship with Sasha it’s already seemed to be hinted at when she said “help me” and “you saved me” then they were doing the best bonding exercise possible, they were killing people together. I’m half joking right there because surely you would get pretty close to the person next to you that’s helping you stay alive. But maybe eventually they’ll end up having to breakup because of Bob’s booze problem, or the writers will go the boring way and just have Sasha be so good for him that he gives up booze all together.

Sasha: Survive

Is it possible for Sasha to commit suicide? I don't think so, she seems like a strong character. So I think she'll survive even if Tyreese dies. And, Jesus, I'm really slanting the odds against the men; last man on Earth scenarios are getting more and more realistic for Eugene. Nonetheless with Tyreese’s death it’s pretty easy to think that she’ll get depressed over his death. Or maybe she'll be like Daryl with Merle's death and just pull a Duck and have it be water over her back; then again she's not as dumb as a sack of hammers. His death would be good for her development and all. We may even see Sasha becoming the new Andrea, she's already shown her sniping skills to be stellar (she had a scene that was reminiscent to a comic book moment (comic 38) with Tyreese when she outshowed Tyreese with zombie kill) and she hasn't slept with every single one of Rick's enemies.

Lilly Chamblers: Survive

Lily Chamblers is like the writers decided to get together and rewrite the conclusion of Andrea's storyline so that it wasn't a disappointing mess. Don't misinterpret that sentence, it's easy to do, I disliked television Andrea I just wanted her to live up to comic book Andrea's expectations. But watching the final scene of "Too Far Gone" as Lilly walks away covered in gunk and the blood of her dead daughter you feel satisfied. There's a knick of symbolism that she's The Walking Dead because she no longer lives in this cushy lifestyle with a boyfriend, a daughter, and her sister (temporarily about her sister if my predictions are correct); now she's on the road trying to live as a survivor. It's a nod to Rick's "We are the Walking Dead" speech, either that or I'm looking too much into it. But, lemme got on with the prediction, I think that Lilly will be reunited off screen with Tara and find the group in episode eleven and depending on whether or not Tara did save Baby Judith they will be accepted into the group with open arms or will be watched carefully. From then on I think that Lilly will eventually make it to Alexandria as a sort of comic book Maggie (I just want one character who doesn't have the ability to kill a zombie by blinking at it) minus the suicide arc. Lilly may have a romance with Rick Grimes but I don't know about it, I imagine it like that episode of Seinfeld where Jerry dated the redhead that Newman dated. For those of you not familiar with the episode, or series, Seinfeld obsessed over it and inevitably broke up with her or she broke up with him, I don't remember.

Edit: I'm thinking it's more and more possible that she'll end up adopting a child at Alexandria Safe-Zone or dating an abusive single dad and becoming the television counterpart for Jessie Anderson. If that happened she could have heart to hearts about The Governor and all, just it'd be interesting.

Tara Chamblers: Death Episode 16.

For those of you keeping track of token characters rejoice! Tara Chamblers was the first token gay character, like those before her (Morgan, Morales, T-Dog, Oscar, Martinez, etc) she has likeable qualities and can capture your heart with talk of how she wants to wear slippers while she's relaxing (oh that was Oscar, why'd he have to die so early?) but is only around to stir the melting pot that is any country or in this case America. Sorry for the cynicism, but any of these characters could've been white males, black males, green females, blue octagons, or blorange stopdafars. I assume she's soon to die in some manner of matter, possibly she becomes zombie fodder but I just don't see her making it to Alexandria.

Morgan Jones: Survive

Speaking of token characters, oh not really Morgan is the farthest thing from a token character you can imagine but he’s somehow found his way on the list of token characters and I’m an agitator. To get on with it I believe that Morgan will survive, Rick, Abraham, and Carl will go to Cynthiana to retrieve him and he’ll make it to Alexandria with them. Eventually a romance may sprout between him and Michonne like it did in the comics.

Abraham Ford: Survive

Abraham the loud mouthed expletive shouting army sergeant is soon to hit the small screen. Such a treat for us fans. No doubt that he’ll survive; right?! Jesus if they kill him too soon you can forget riots over Daryl it’ll be a repeat of the Detroit Riots of ’67. I mean Gordon Lightfoot will write a song about it, I like to think that’s saying something. But I digress, he will probably be there to convert all the Daryl fangirls, help Rick with the trek to Cynthiana, participate in the killing of The Hunters, and punch Eugene when it’s revealed that there are no batteries in the radio or whatever the television counterpart is.

Rosita Espinosa: Survive

The Hispanic Harpie, not really, Holly’s a lot worse and Rosita actually seems like a decent person at times. I just wanted an alliteration to introduce her. Besides she’s played by Susie Crabgrass (Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide) I wonder what happened to Backpack Boy. Well, ten bucks that Rosita will survive everything and all just like her comic book counterpart. That’s about all I’ve got to say about her.

Eugene Porter: Survive

Eugene will be the reason that they go to Washington, D.C. Eugene will help Maggie/Glenn with her/his bullet wound at the church like he did in the comics. And Eugene will be found out to ‘ave been faking everyone with the radio or its television counterpart and get punched only to be saved when Aaron approaches the group offering a safe haven. I don’t think they’re going to show him perving on Abraham and Rosita, though. Isn’t that a bit much?

Redshirts: Dead Episode 9, 10, 16

I think that the Redshirts that Glenn is on the bus with are going to run into a herd or something of the sort and Glenn’s going to be the only one to escape. This will happen in episode 9 or episode 10. We may be surprised though and someone may survive (The mechanic didn’t!) and if a redshirt does survive (Jeanette and Mrs. McLeod I’m looking at you two) they’ll die on episode 16 where the group runs into a new threat that Eugene was talking about.