What characters do you actually want to see die out of the Television Series? To me I really only want to see Carl and Lori to die, they are completely unlikeable, Carl's irritating and has gotten Dale killed. Lori is a whore and everyone knows it. But what kills me is that I highly doubt they'll kill Carl anytime soon, he is supposed to be what keeps Rick sane or something of that sort from how Kirkman has spoken of him. Though, I'm hoping that during the Governor's Assault instead of Lori carrying Judith, Rick will. Then having Lori shot by a rifle also killing Carl who she would be holding the hand of having them both killed leaving Rick to care for Judith. I really hope that happens.. could bring a closer relationship with Rick and a female character like Andrea much earlier than the comic book.

But I was wondering, does everyone else hate Carl and Lori as much as I do?