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  • 100thninja

    Title's a bit misleading. Sorry about that. I was just wondering where this picture came from. I was looking through Carley's gallery and then I see this picture:

    I've honestly never noticed this. What do you guys think? I believe it's a texture but I have no confirmation. If any of you have the ability to look through the textures for Episode 3 then let me know the results.

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  • 100thninja

    Spoiler warning to those who haven't seen the episode.





    | Deaths so far:

    Milton 1/27

    That one guy 2/27

    That one other guy 3/27


    Andrea 27/27


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  • 100thninja

    Tonight's death

    March 25, 2013 by 100thninja


    Most of us didn't like Merle, but you seriously have to feel bad for him. I kind of got a little emotional, but maybe because of Daryl crying. It takes a lot to make Daryl cry.

    (okay if you were on Twitter last week this picture was actually leaked)

    Anyway, with Merle dying and the finale only 6 days away, I'm assuming the finale is going to be even worse.

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