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  • I live in Canada
  • My occupation is HURHURHUR
  • I am a dude
A Question
Pirate Kenny
Gender Male
Age It doesn't matter how old I am
Occupation Student (I one day hope to be the next Bill Nye The Science Guy)
Family Phazon8058 - Brother
Status WARNING: I don't take shit, or jokes that have gotten old.
Ethnicity Northern-European-Canadian

Hello. I am Carson but you can call me Zora. but you can just Call me Carson if you don't like that name. I'm a Walking Dead fanboy, specifically the Show, Telltale Games, and the Comics.

I am the author of a series on Undead Fan Stories Wiki, titled The Dead Beneath, based on the zombie apocalypse, following the same principles as The Walking Dead.

It can be read here.

Despite the template below, over the summer, I will be on a sort of pseudo-hiatus. This is because a large part of my summer will be spent out in a beautiful cabin where the mosquitoes were terrible last time I checked, but there's great beaches, and there's no internet connection. However, I will not be completely gone, since I will be travelling back and forth between the cabin and my home, and I might come on during that time. Right now, I'm AVAILABLE!

Walking dead tv morgan 2 "I have to clear."
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My favorite CharactersEdit

TV Series (In Order)Edit

Comic Series (In Order)Edit

These amazing colours were done by Lavendeln.

Honorable MenitonsEdit

These characters didn't quite make the list but are still lovable.

Video GameEdit

The Characters are statused by what their fates are in my game. So characters with a Determinant status will be statused by their fates based on my choices, aside from Nick. Even though he's dead now, Determinant Nick is determinant4life

Honorable MentionsEdit

Fan TemplatesEdit

Kennyism This user is a Kennyist.
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"YARR! Lee, Matey. Let's go treasure huntin' for a vessel."
Lee urban This user is a fan of Urbans.
"Oh, you are not saying what I think you're saying."
Determinant Nick This user will never forget Determinant Nick.
"Dead" just isn't the same.
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Long live Michonne and her Katana!
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Long live the hardcore killer.
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Long live Bo-Peep, Maggie Greene!
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You follow me?
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Aw Hell yeah.
ShivaBan1 This user is a fan of Shiva.
She doesn't like violence!
NTL Lee Inox This user is a fan of Lee Everett.

"We have to keep hope alive. It's the one thing none of this can take away."

IHW Kenny Glock This user is a fan of Kenny.
"I'm makin' time."
AmTR Clem Shooting Rebecca This user is a fan of Clementine.
I'm still. NOT. BITTEN. I never was. And you left me out here to die.
CarleyShootsAndy This user is a fan of Carley.
Long live the reporter!
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Long live the badass sharpshooter!
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Long live Alice!
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Very sexy indeed....
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Because his girlfriend Andrea is so sexy <3
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You dont need to like what i did. You just have to accept it!
ATRT Omid Wide This user is a fan of Omid.

"You ruined that dude's face."

115 Negan 3 This user is a fan of Negan.
Long live the big swinging dick and his vampire bat, Lucille!
TVComicHershel This user is a fan of TV Hershel, but hates Comic Hershel.
Long live the farmer who is willing risk his life to save lives, long hate the farmer who beats his kid and preaches too much.


ATR Gonna Need More Juice This user is a fan of the juice box.
Because why not?
Chuck Telling It How It Is This user is a fan of Chuck.
"You ain't little, you ain't a girl, you ain't a boy, you ain't strong, or smart, you're alive."

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"I will punch your eyes."

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We love Tara Chambler!
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Son of a dick, that's a great ass!
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Hubba Hubba.
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Glenn, you lucky bastard!.
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Long live badass sharpshooter, long hate the Governor's brainwashed bitch.


HarryPotterCarsonResemblence This user would cast Daniel Radcliffe to play Carson.
There is literally nothing you could say to convince me he doesn't look like Harry Potter.

Friends on this wiki and awesome people (In No Order)Edit

The original Cameron This user is a fan of CamTheWoot.
Be gone with you silly user, I edit in your general direction!

Avatar historyEdit

Most Hated Character In OrderEdit

I don't like these characters either because they done something horrible, or they're just plain evil, or their just plainly a douchebag, or they have a personality trait that's irritating.

Comic Series:Edit

TV Series:Edit

Video Game:Edit

Just like with characters I do like, they are statused by their fate in my game.

Dishonorable MentionsEdit

ATR Michelle Glock This user hates Michelle.
You couldn't let Omid last more than 10 minutes?
Ben Paul 2. This user is tired of Ben Paul.
Just let Lee make the decisions kid. When you act, everyone dies.
AND Larry Fisticuffs This user hates Larry.
"He's just an old racist asshole!"
Seed.67 This user Hates Lori Grimes.
Long Hate the Cranky Cheating Bitch!

My own wordsEdit

"Some people can be weird motherfuckers, but I'm still wondering who's mothers they fucked."
—Me saying some "amazeballs stuff" according to DarkShadow667. exact date or time unremembered
"there should be a user smut where Naruto takes his dick out, and doesn't know what to do with it."
—Me during a discussion about Katie's Smut fics on Febuary 23 2014 at 4:50 PM Daylight Savings time.
"Masturbation is where you grab your penis, and give it some friction. I'd reccomend some lube, since the penis is not slippery on the surface. I'd also reccomend cleaning up after yourself, so that your parents don't find a big mess of jizz. especially if your parents are conservitave Christian, and believe that masturbation is a sin."
—Me explaining masturbation better than Naruto on Febuary 25 2014
"Dildo isn't really a weak Pokemon. I have a dildo on my team, and It has never failed to win a battle. I think you should try catching a bunch of different dildos and eventually you'll find one with good stats. that's just my advice."
—Me explaining the wide range of stats on a Pokemon called Dildo, to Naruto.[src]
"I'm just going to nod my head and pretend I understood that."
—My other catchphrase that I say in real life when Phazzy is telling me about what he is building on Kerbal Space Program.
"YAARRRR!!! YE SWASHBUCKLIN' CANCER BEARIN' BILGE RATS STAY AWAY FROM ME VESSEL! YARR! Me matey Lee still bears a sign of grub from de dead swashbucklers. yarr."
—Pirate Kenny[src]
"Herro. my naem is herry pottar. i haza gawdfaja whosa framd merderitizr. his naem iz sirius urban

it's pitch urban out here"


Other people's wordsEdit

"Ben is walking the streets towards the waterfront with the rest of the group when he realizes that he may or may not have a small penis like Gravelord."
—Peanutbutterworld on Ben Paul's page. (According to Popozão, Peanutbutterworld was actually YoungAnarchy

Source (Couldn't put it in Quote because Wikia pages for past revisions suck)

"Fuck the administration system, fuck the community, and fuck you. Have a nice day, Mr. Admin."
Shell to Grave before resigning
"Penis abstain"
—Another one of your typical anons

Source (Same deal)

"punch you in the titts lol"
—YoungAnarchy laughing about punching Kaley in the tits.
"Faggot Get over yourself, and get out. From the office of The Right Honourable Basin and his Piss Office."
—Piss Basin being so kind to me over a WHEATON Template.[src]

The words of TWD CharactersEdit

"Carver talks all that tough guy shit, but he keeps the tiniest gun in the universe. There's something funny about that."

Zora's Personal UpdatesEdit

  • As of March 29th 2014, I have changed my status in the Battle of Terry St. John's status, from "He's Dead" to "WHY DAFUQ DOES ANYONE CARE?!"

karikturz lelEdit

There are some characters that are not favorites, OR least favorites, but I have ideas for what I would label them if they WERE. This is a gallery of them.


NOTE: Before you leave messages about the possible answers in these polls, know that I find some of these answers unlikely beyond belief, (Such as Dead Reckoning as your favorite medium) but I put them there in case somebody begs to differ.

TWD related PollsEdit

What is your favorite medium of The Walking Dead?

The poll was created at 23:06 on May 18, 2014, and so far 11 people voted.
Who do you think is the best main protagonist?

The poll was created at 17:24 on July 8, 2014, and so far 8 people voted.

Personal PollsEdit

I'm considering changing my username, but I'm not sure what I change it to, but I have some ideas. I know I want it to feature the term "Not Crazy".


I did not get very many answers, but I ultimately decided on "NotCrazyZora"


  • I tell alot of puns. whether they're funny, or super lame, that's all on your opinion.
    • Starting in Season 4, with Hershel's prostetic, I decided to cut it off with the leg jokes.
    • I think the Governor's eyepatch looks like an Oreo, but he's still one tough cookie.
  • I knew that Kenny survived the building/alleyway scenario, because of his powerful mustache.
  • Kenny is love, Kenny is life. Benisacunt.
  • The only Letter Hacks I've read and actually been interested is the angry letter from Steven Yeun in Issue 102.
  • I don't see the point in getting my cake but not being able to eat it.
    • Yes. I know it's a figure of speech.
  • I love bacon.
  • I think that if you don't stop Clementine from eating Mark's legs, then she'd probably already know what Winston's thumb tastes like.
  • I've probably clicked the edit button on your userpage, but not changed anything, but clicked the button just to copy and paste some code I didn't want to bother to memorize.
  • I'm Canadian. Eh?
  • I might be the first person here to post on the talk pages of images.
  • I'm a crazy amazeballs nutjob
    • If you don't agree, I will rape your ears with bad puns.
      • I will still rape your ears with bad puns regardless.
  • I'm an extremely outspoken atheist.
  • I will rape your ears with bad puns.
  • Fuck you
    • Fuck you too
      • Fuck you more
        • Fuck YOU more!
          • No, fuck YOU more!!
            • Fuck you even more.
  • The 6 trivias you read above were completely pointless, and I apologize for them.
  • I'm the co-founder of the PotterHouse, along with Juanmaseta. Don't fuck with the PotterHouse wizards.
  • Dildo can actually be a strong Pokemon if you train it right.
  • I'm trying to get over a habit of getting offended by sexualy suggestive yo mama jokes, when they are directed at me specifically, rather than anybody who comes across it.
  • I have more than once failed to make Cam go full Scott.
  • If you leave a mean-spirited message towards me, I will murderitise you to death until you die from a severe case of death.
  • This isn't TWD related at all, but from approximately 6:00 PM May 31st 2014, to 2:50 PM June 1st 2014, I went from not having The Wolf Among Us installed, to having it installed and being entirely caught up. LIEK A BAWS!
  • My Username used to be "ZoraLink10nLink" but I changed it because that name didn't make any sense.
  • According to Bloxxasourus, I'm a clusterfuck of a name.
  • I like big juicy fits. (No, that's not a typo. It's a reference to a joke based on a typo)
  • I think Rebecca's Son should be named Lee.

Mediums of The Walking Dead I Own, or view and where I have itEdit


  • I do not have it, but I record it on my cable box and watch it regularly

Image Comics logo.svgComic Series Title

  • I have them on Android

TTG TWD Season Two logo

  • I have Season 1 (Including 400 Days) and Season 2 on Steam
  • I have Season 1 (Including 400 Days) on Android as well

The Walking Dead Assault Logo

  • I have it on Android

Phrases Trademarked by meEdit

  • "Fuck you too"
  • "That doesn't make any flavor of goddamn sense"
  • "I will murderitise you to death until you die from a severe case of death."
  • Any phrase with the word "dicknuggets" or "dickbicuits"
  • Any phrase where you would normally use the words "fuck" "God" or "shit" but instead you use "dick"
    • "Holy dick!"
    • "For dick's sake!"
    • "For the love of dick!"

Chat screenshotsEdit

Zora urban

My favorite picture on this whole wikiEdit

Andrea and Rick

My favorite one of Lav's colored ImagesEdit

The coloring everyone has been waiting for

Reasons why Clementine is the ultimate badassEdit

Ultimate Badass
Screenshot 6
Status Extreme BADASS!!!
Clementine bit off a dude's thumb, killed a possibly rabid dog for a can of beans, got refused stitches, peroxide and bandages, so she broke out, and stole medical supplies, and poured her own peroxide, and stitched up her own arm, she then bashed a rotten corpse's head in with the other side of a hammer.
"This girl's tough as nails."
Screw that! Clementine makes nails look like wimpy little pussies!

Merchandise I ownEdit

  • Daryl Dixon Bobblehead
  • Michonne Bobblehead
  • "Don't Open. Dead Inside" T-Shirt
  • "You only live Once Twice" Shirt

My TellTale Games ChoicesEdit

A New DayEdit

Starved for HelpEdit

  • Chopped off David's leg.
  • Who did I feed?
    • Clementine (Half an Apple)
    • Duck (Crackers & Cheese)
    • Kenny (Piece of Jerky)
    • Mark (Crackers & Cheese)
  • I shot Jolene. Don't judge.
  • I stopped Clementine from eating Mark.
  • I helped Kenny kill Larry. Don't judge.
  • I killed Danny St. John.
  • I killed Andy St. John. Don't judge.
  • I took the supplies.

Long Road AheadEdit

  • I didn't shoot Beatrice.
  • I left Lilly's ass on the highway after she shot Carley.
  • I took the Monkey Wrench.
  • I talked Kenny down.
  • I shot Duck.
  • I told Clem we'd try to find her parents.
  • I helped Omid onto the train, I did push him off the bridge thinking it was funny, crippling his leg, so I owe it to him to help him out.

Around Every CornerEdit

  • I killed Zombie Fivel.
  • I was truthful and reasonable with Vernon.
  • I brought Clementine to Crawford.
  • I pulled Ben up. (In every game now, I drop him. Benisacunt!)
  • I showed the group my bite.
  • Who came with me?
    • Kenny
    • Omid
    • Christa.
    • Ben
      • (Everyone)

No Time LeftEdit

  • I let Christa cut off my arm.
  • I kept my cool, but Kenny ruined that dude's face.
  • I told Christa and Omid that I wanted Kenny to look after Clementine.
  • I concealed my weapons.
  • I killed the Stranger.
  • I told Clementine to restrain me with the handcuffs.
  • I told Clementine to shoot me.

400 DaysEdit

  • I shot off Danny's foot. Death to pedophiles.
  • I stayed in the car.
  • I left Nate.
  • I told Leland the truth.
  • I abstained from voting on Roberto's fate, so Roman killed him.
  • I left in the RV.
  • Who left to Tavia's community?

All That RemainsEdit

  • I helped Christa.
  • I put Sam out of his misery.
  • I made friends with Sarah
  • I got my bandage from the master bedroom. (In every game since, I get it from Alvin and get a juicebox too)
  • I accepted Nick's apology.
  • I gave water to the almost-dead guy.
  • I saved Pete. (I later lost track of which file was which, and ended up with Nick next episode).

A House DividedEdit

  • I shared a drink with Nick (In the other file, where I actually saved Pete, I tried to tell him not to have a cigarette, but he didn't listen. Smoking is bad for you)
  • I took the blame for the photo of Sarah.
  • I told Carver my name was Carley, and asked him to leave.
  • I sat with Kenny at dinner.
  • I told the truth about Matthew.
  • I told Walter that Nick is a good guy. (I don't really like him, but he doesn't deserve to die)
  • I went to find Kenny and Luke.
  • I told Kenny not to shoot Carver, thus keeping Alvin alive.

In Harm's WayEdit

  • I defended Sarah from Carver telling Carlos to hit her.
  • I helped Sarah cut the branches.
  • I told Bonnie I was going to see Luke.
  • I tried to come clean about the Radio
  • I tried to help Kenny when Carver was knocking the shit out of him.
  • I watched Kenny knock the shit out of Carver until he dies from a severe case of death.
    • I watched Kenny go full Negan on Carver.
    • I watched Kenny make it rain death on Carver.
    • I watched Kenny pulvarise Carver.
    • I watched Kenny make a Carver's face smoothie mixed with Carver's skull chunks.
    • I watched Kenny reassemble Carver's face.
    • I watched Kenny take sweet sweet revenge on Carver.
    • I even kept count of how many times Kenny smacked Carver with the crowbar. The answer is 17.
    • I could go on all day listing other ways to describe what Kenny did to Carver.
  • I cut off Sarita's arm.

Amid The RuinsEdit

  • I left Sarita to reanimate.
  • I saved Sarah at the trailer park.
  • I went with Jane first.
  • I refused to steal from Arvo.
  • I volunteered to crawl through the shutter.
  • I told Jane to try to save Sarah again.
  • I held Rebecca's Baby.
  • I shot Rebecca.



This user let Doug got yanked out from the window
You let a guy yanked out from the window so you could be with a pretty girl with a gun!

LRA A Regretable Turn of Events

This user left Lilly behind.
"You're not coming with us"
SaveNickFan This user saved Nick in A House Divided.
I saved your life, Nick!

WalkingDead101 2012-11-22 08-12-17-34

This user killed Lee out of mercy.
"You have to shoot me, honey."

SFH For The Best

This user let Kenny killed Larry
"I'm sorry, Lilly"

Saved Duck

This player chose to save Duck.
You chose to save Duck.

NTL Stranger Choked

This user killed the Stranger

ATR Sam Stabbed

This user killed Sam out of mercy.
"I'm sorry, Sam"

WDG Andy Electrocuted

This user killed Andrew St. John
"They were bad people"

WDG Danny stabbed

This user killed Danny St. John
"You already tainted!"

Irene Suicide Voluntary

This user gave Irene the gun.
"Look at her Carley! there's no happy ending to this."

WalkingDead101 2012-11-16 04-23-15-69

This user brought Clementine to Crawford
Maybe we would find her parents, there.

IHW Non-Functional

This user helped Sarah do her chores at the Greenhouse
"Here, watch me."

WalkingDead101 2012-11-22 06-57-50-45

This user cut Lee's arm off
It's worth a shot'

IHW Stump

This user chopped off Sarita's arm immediately.

Walkingdead101 2012-09-01 12-46-40-95 large

This user let Beatrice got devoured.
At least, It bought us some times.

AHD Commando Clem

This user sought Kenny's help.
"I'll go find Luke, and Kenny."

My Opinion of "Too Far Gone"Edit

O. M. G!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So much stuff happened! (Thangs) My brother told me that TV has rules against showing the death of a child, so it kinda confused me when Meghan got bitten, and I'm still worried about Tyreese, whether or not Daryl and Rick should tell him that Karen's killer was Carol. Then, I was all like, NOOOOOO! NOT HERSHEL!!! For a second,  I though the Governor was lowering the Katana during Rick's speech, but NOPE! Just pulling it back to get more momentum. And Y'know, Hershel was way too preachy in the Comics, but in the show, they fixed that real good. Hershel was great, and I change my mind. that spot in my tv favs list doesn't beling to the Governor. It belongs to the one and only Hershel Greene. And I'm starting to like Lizzie too, and it was so satisfying to finally see thegovernor die, but I'm still confused, was Judith eaten by a Walker? there is still the possibility that a member of Rick's group who had bloody hands, picked up Judith and saved her. It's unlikely, but still possible. and I think Too Far Gone was kind of the TV adaptation of Issue 48. Right comic readers?

A Father, a Farmer, a Doctor, a Friend.

Rest in Peace, Hershel

A Father, a Leader, a Tyrant, a Madman.

Rot in Hell, Governor

Plagirism from Talking Dead, the solution to everything.

My Favorite Lines in Walking Dead mediaEdit

Comic SeriesEdit

Negan: Did you treat her (Lucielle) like a lady?

Unnamed Savior: Yes.

Negan: Did you eat her pussy like a lady?

Unnamed Savior: Well... I... Umm...

Negan: I'm just fucking with you! a baseball bat doesn't even have a pussy! now get the fuck out of here.

TV SeriesEdit

Glenn: Nice moves there, Clint Eastwood, are you the new sherrif? coming in to clean up the town?

Rick: Wasn't my Intention.

Glenn: Whatever. Yeehaw! you're still a dumbass.

Video GameEdit

Lee Everett: Did you break a flashlight by accident?

Clementine: No. did Duck say I did?

Lee Everett: No, did Duck break the flashlight?

Clementine: I don't think so, he's just always blaming me for stuff.

Lee Everett: like what?

Clementine: Putting a bug on his pillow.

Lee Everett: Did you do that?

Clementine: ...

Clementine: Yes.

Video Game, runner upsEdit

1: Lee Everett: You're a pretty good shot.

Carley: Well, you don't fuck with a reporter. especially one who's three days out from her last cup of coffee.

2: Larry Caul: Yeah, I want to attract their attention, so I can FUCKING KILL THEM!

Lee Everett: I guess your new girlfriend wasn't all she was cracked up to be.

Larry Caul: What the hell is your problem? you refused me my day's rations back at the motor lodge, now you go out of your way to be an asshole to me tonight. but guess what? I plan to be around long after you're gone. and if you turn, I'll be the one to put the axe through your skull.

The part that makes me laugh is in bold.

Memes made by NahtCrayCrayZuraEdit

I'm a meme maker, and I upload my memes to TWD Wiki.

here's a slideshow of them all.

BTW There's another one in the bottom left Corner.

List of Templates that I made (maybe other people edited it.)Edit

Judith-Plays This user is a fan of Judith Grimes.
Long live Little Ass Kicker.
Walking-dead-season-4-rick This user is a fan of Rick Grimes.
"We're not too far gone."
Quality Axel This user is a fan of Axel.
You follow me?
Walking-dead-sick1-570x377 This user is a fan of T-Dog.
Aw Hell yeah.

Ok, this one, I didn't originally make this one, but I found it with this image and "Aw hell yeah" in it, but it wasn't coded right, so I fixed it and used the same image and quote. So, you can give me that, right?

EP4 Angry Lee This user is a fan of Lee Everett.
Long live Lee.
IHW Kenny Glock This user is a fan of Kenny.
"I'm makin' time."
Prey7 This user is a fan of Milton Mamet.
Long live the Tea Maker!
TVComicHershel This user is a fan of TV Hershel, but hates Comic Hershel.
Long live the farmer who is willing risk his life to save lives, long hate the farmer who beats his kid and preaches too much.


Chuck Telling It How It Is This user is a fan of Chuck.
"You ain't little, you ain't a girl, you ain't a boy, you ain't strong, or smart, you're alive."
Ben Paul 2. This user is tired of Ben Paul.
Just let Lee make the decisions kid. When you act, everyone dies.
AND Larry Fisticuffs This user hates Larry.
"He's just an old racist asshole!"

Zura's testin' placeEdit

Dis is where I type things in for the sake of testing things I'm wondering about.

Dis tangzEdit

Dis tangz 2Edit

Dis tangzEdit

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