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Favourite Characters

In Order

#10 Alice

Alice was a likeable character from the start. She was a young and pretty woman who had taken up a job at Woodbury as a nurse. She was likeable due to her helpfulness in delivering a baby, her ability to learn quickly and pay attention, and that she can be like a member of the Grimes Family.

#9 Ben Paul and Charles/Chuck

Throughout all the hate he got from his fellow survivors (Selling supplies to Bandits, Causing walkers to attack and the deaths of Katja and Duck, albeit indirectly), Ben was still a likeable character who would act like a second son for Kenny after Duck's death, and lead Kenny to Mercy shoot him (Determinant). Charles was a little freaky in the begining, living like a hillbilly, telling Clem she will die anyway, but became an interesting character who sacrificed himself for others, and usng his last bullet for himself

#8 Caesar Martinez

In the time we spent with Martinez we knew he could kick the Governor's ass. But he would follow him and do as he said (For some reason) He is a bad-ass in both the comics and the TV. In the TV series, he lets the Governor join his group even after Woodbury. In the Comics, I knew he was a betrayer, and his story (If true) was something that made the group trust him, until...

#7 Axel

Axel was a likable character from the start. I rather like his TV character better because he had more development and "You follow Me" got old after a while. I didn't expect his death and I give a hats off to the Writers for making him such an enjoyable character.

#6 Glenn Rhee and Maggie Greene

Glenn is very similar to his comic character (In my opinion). He and Maggie are meant to be together, and he will do anything to protect her, and she will do anything to protect him. Even within the apocalypse, Glenn makes sure she is first priority and they still are able to get married

#5 Aaron and Eric

The second tie I enjoy these two because, with all the shit in the schools and news about "homosexuality is bad," Robert Kirkman still puts it in his comic books (Derek and Andrew were the first, but they were antagonists, so...no). The two loved each other very much and were not afraid to be open about it. And everyone around them was fine with it

#4 The Governor

All I have to say is, he was as good as a villain as Darth Vader, Anton Chigurh, John Doe and The Joker. This was because he would do anything to get what he wanted (Killing his best friend, sleeping with two different women, and manipulate a camp of people to get revenge). He had just enough psycho in him to pull it off as well

#3 Lee Everet

I remember my father and I playing the game for abou two days near nonstop and got attached to multiple characters; including Kenny, Larry, Clementine, Carley and Lee. And umong those, Lee stood out due to his background and how, after revealing it (Determinant), he was still liked by the group anyway since they didn't care what happened then, they liked him now. I almost cried at his death because I sure as hell didn't expect it

#2 Merle Dixon


I like Merle's Character since we were introduced to him in the TV series. He was written to be a jack-ass but changed his heart and went out swining. Damn you Ben, you screwed it up. He made us believe that, no matter how bad you might be on the outside, if you look on the inside the heart is pure and true to family (Like the Grinch)

A few honourable mentions

  1. Carley
  2. T-Dog Douglas
  3. Carl (Comic Series)
  4. Carol Peletier (TV Series)
  5. Daryl Dixon
  6. Oscar
  7. Dale Horvath
  8. Jim and Morales

#1 Hershel Greene

I like Hershel because he is a father figure not only to his girls but to the group he is in. He is a religious man who believes that God did this for a reason. Also he is santa claus. he takes Allen's place in the TV series by losing his leg, but unlike Allen, he lives to tell the tale. He makes sure his daughter's and son-in-law are protected and that Rick is sane enough to lead the group

TV Series

Top 5 Best Moments Per Season

Season 1

  1. CDC Explosion
  2. Morgan killing suit walker
  3. Funny Moments in Tell It To The Frogs
  4. Vatos- all of it
  5. Rick, Shane, Lam and Leon kick Criminal Ass

Season 2

  1. Dale's Death
  2. Beside the Dying Fire- all of it
  3. Barn Walker Scene/Dave and Tony
  4. Otis's Death
  5. Well Walker's guts fall out

Season 3

  1. Axel's Death
  2. This Sorrowful Life
  3. Hershel loses Leg
  4. Sick Death's/Beth's song in seed
  5. Governor murders people on the road

Season 4

  1. Governor's/Hershel's death
  2. Creepy Clara
  3. Indifference
  4. Caleb Submaranian's death
  5. Bus Crash annihilaton

Best Death Scenes

  1. Dale
  2. Governor/Hershel
  3. Caleb
  4. Tomas/Big Tiny
  5. Otis

My Fellings on the Episodes

Season 1= 75%   

  1. Days Gone Bye  8/10          
  2. Guts 7.5/10
  3. Tell It to the Frogs 6/10
  4. Vatos 9/10
  5. Wildfire 6/10
  6. TS-19 8.5/10

Season 2= 70%

  1. What Lies Ahead 8/10
  2. Bloodletting 6/10
  3. Save the Last One 8/10
  4. Cherokee Rose 5.5/10
  5. Chupacabra 4.5/10
  6. Secrest 5/10
  7. Pretty Much Dead Already  9/10
  8. Nebraska 7/10
  9. Triggerfinger 8/10
  10. 18 Miles Out 7/10
  11. Judge, Jury, Exocutioner 7/10
  12. Better Angels 6/10
  13. Beside the Dying Fire 10/10

Season 3= 75.3%

  1. Seed 7/10
  2. Sick 8/10
  3. Walk With Me 8/10
  4. Killer Within 7.5/10
  5. Say the Word 5.5/10
  6. Hounded 8/10
  7. When the Dead Come Knocking 7/10
  8. Made to Suffer 9/10
  9. Suicide King 8/10
  10. Home 9.5/10
  11. I Ain't A Judas 4.5/10
  12. Clear 9.5/10
  13. Arrow on the Doorpost 5.5/10
  14. Prey 5.5/10
  15. This Sorrowful Life 10/10
  16. Welcome to the Tombs 8/10

Season 4 76.25%

  1. 30 Days Without an Accident 6.5/10
  2. Infected 7/10
  3. Isolation 6/10
  4. Indifference 8/10
  5. Internement 8/10
  6. Live Bait 7.5/10
  7. Dead Weight 7.5/10
  8. Too Far Gone 9/10
  9. After 6/10
  10. Inmates 8/10
  11. Claimed 6.5/10
  12. Still 7/10
  13. Alone 7/10
  14. The Grove 9/10
  15. Us 10/10
  16. A 9/10

Season 5

  1. No Sanctuary 9.5/10
  2. Strangers 8.5/10
  3. Four Walls and a Roof 9/10
  4. Slabtown 9/10
  5. Self Help 9.5/10
  6. Consumed 8.5/10
  7. Crossed 8/10
  8. Coda 9/10

Top 15 Characters in Order

  1. Hershel Greene
  2. Merle Dixon
  3. Glenn Rhee/Maggie Greene
  4. Axel
  5. Carol Peletier
  6. Caesar Martinez
  7. T-Dog Douglas
  8. Daryl Dixon
  9. Oscar
  10. Dale Horvath
  11. Bob Stookey
  12. Jim and Morales
  13. Tyreese
  14. Lizzie and Mika
  15. Martin

Comic Series

Volume Percents

  1. Days Gone Bye 75%
  2. Miles Behind Us 65%
  3. Safety Behind Bars 70%
  4. Heart's Desire 60%
  5. Best Defense 60%
  6. This Sorrowful Life 80%
  7. Calm Before 75%
  8. Made to Suffer 90%
  9. Here We Remain 70%
  10. What We Become 80%
  11. Fear The Hunters 90%
  12. Life Among Them 80%
  13. Too Far Gone 95%
  14. No Way Out 95%
  15. We Find Ourselves 80%
  16. Larger World 85%
  17. Something to Fear 90%
  18. What Comes After 75%
  19. March To War 85%
  20. All Out War (Part 1) 95%
  21. All Out War (Part 2) 85%

Video Games

  1. Telltale Games
  2. Social Game
  3. Dead Reckoning
  4. Assault Series (Never Played)
  5. Survival Instinct (In My Opinion, it Sucked)

Telltale Games

Top 15 Characters in Order

  1. Lee Everet
  2. Ben Paul/Charles
  3. Carley
  4. Kenny
  5. Omid/Christa
  6. Doug
  7. Andy St. John
  8. The Stranger
  9. Molly
  10. Hershel Greene
  11. Larry Caul
  12. Mark
  13. Danny St. John
  14. Vince
  15. Wyatt

Top 5 Worst

  1. Carver
  2. Dee
  3. Brenda
  4. Katjaa
  5. Brie

About Me

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  5. Black Dog by Led Zeppelin

Favourite Movies

  1. Nightmare Before Christmas
  2. The Great Escape
  3. Dawn of the Dead (2004)
  4. The Help
  5. Yeti (Curse of the Snow Demon)

Favourite TV Shows

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  3. Sleepy Hollow
  4. The Big Bang Theory
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