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June 7, 2012
Wat no m8


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It ain't gonna suck itself, kid.

About Me

I edit here, I say "fuck" a lot. Roasting too.

My random ass quotes (lol insert trademark here)

  • It's just turning into a shit fest after Satan fucked it when he lost a drinking contest to Smaug.
  • I'd rather get poked by a crocodile while singing cumbaya with a drunk monkey and playing poker with nachos.
"I'd have to be drunk, forced outta my will by a giant cheesy puff, then go on a quest with the magical dragon what taught me how to blink."
—If I had to buy Emily Kinney's album
"If Lee shows up I'll hang a window from my door and jump through it to an alternate dimension."
—What I'd do if Lee somehow turned out to be alive, DAMN BOI HE IS DEAD!


If you consider me a pal go nuts and add yourself.

Those great quotes

"Hello there. I'm here looking for my people. Seven of them to be exact. Couple of fgts, a little Heliego, a big flower, a Negan and a Negan TWD. And a pretty little admin called Kaley. "
—Bloxx looking for his people.
"*GRANDMASTA: Such dead chat, *Riley Heligo: much sadness, *GRANDMASTA: very rily"
—Myself and GRANDMASTA quoting Lord Doge.
"Riley: Mostly what I do is undo bad edits and the occasional fucking"
—TheCryptic expressing his love for me.
"Your a Fucking DICK you know that? why you gotta have a loud ass sound clip on your page my speakers were on! Your like some loud autistic fuck who likes to make a lot of noise! seriously man have consideration for others you 19 year old virgin fuck cunt fuckity fucking British asshole"
—some anon expressing his love for the Killing Floor soundtrack with me
"Riley you should stop editing all of those fucking pages I edit and gtfo"
—Andy435388 encouraging my great edits.

Favourite Comic Characters

Favourite TV Characters

Favourite Game Characters

Comic Characters I fucking hate

TV Characters I hate

Game Characters I hate m8


  • I don't have an accent technically, if you heard me speak you'd know I'm from England but I don't have the accent from where I live, I get amusing questions because of this.
  • I'm naturally ambidextrous but also cross dominant, I'll use my left hand for drawing, writing and using scissors but I'll use my right hand for most other things.
  • I'm hoping to try and get a job in either art or voice acting (I can pull off a decent Heath Ledger Joker impression as well as a Yoshi voice).
  • I fucking hate things.
  • I fucking hate console wars.
  • I may or may not have done drunken rants on the chat.


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