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About MeEdit


I'm GRANDMASTA, but you can call me Drew or Masta. I love every medium of The Walking Dead, and have been editing on here since late 2012. In early 2013 I got staff and I've still been editing hard ever since. If you got any questions about the wiki or want to chat, leave me a message on my talk page or PM me in wiki chat, I won't bite.

Gggmotherfukka This user is a fan of GhostWolf, GRANDMASTA, and Gravelord: The GGG.

Link to my wiki sandbox page here.

Comic SeriesEdit

Top 5 Comic Series CharactersEdit

Updated Rick Face2

Volume RatingsEdit

Volume 1-Days Gone Bye
Volume 1: Days Gone Bye: 10/10
Volume 2-Miles Behind Us'
Volume 2: Miles Behind Us: 9/10
Volume 3-Safety Behind Bars
Volume 3: Safety Behind Bars: 9.5/10
Volume 4-The Heart's Desire
Volume 4: The Heart's Desire
: 8/10
Volume 5-The Best Defense
Volume 5: The Best Defense: 9/10
Volume 6-This Sorrowful Life
Volume 6: This Sorrowful Life: 9/10
Volume 7-The Calm Before
Volume 7: The Calm Before: 9.5/10
Volume 8-Made to Suffer
Volume 8: Made To Suffer: 10/10
Volume 9-Here We Remain
Volume 9: Here We Remain: 10/10
Volume 10-What We Become
Volume 10: What We Become: 9.5/10
Volume 11-Fear the Hunters
Volume 11: Fear The Hunters: 10/10
Volume 12-Life Among Them
Volume 12: Life Among Them: 8/10
Volume 13 Too Far Gone
Volume 13: Too Far Gone: 9/10
Volume 14: No Way Out: 10/10
Volume 15: We Find Ourselves: 8/10
Volume 16: A Larger World: 8.5/10
Volume 17: Something To Fear: 10/10
WalkingDead Vol18 WhatComesAfter
Volume 18: What Comes After: 8.5/10
Volume 19: March To War: 9/10
Volume 20: All Out War - Part One: 10/10

TV SeriesEdit

Top 5 TV Series CharactersEdit

Season four bob stookey

Season RatingsEdit

Season 1: 10/10
Walking-Dead 510
Season 2: 9/10
523524 526729690686527 1940995088 n
Season 3: 7/10
Poster mini
Season 4: 8/10

Video GameEdit

Top 5 Video Game CharactersEdit

(Based on my playthrough)

AND Lee Explaining
LRA Ben Box
AHD Kenny Fireplace

Season 1 RatingsEdit

A New Day
A New Day: 8/10
Starved For Help
Starved For Help: 9.5/10
Long Road Ahead
Long Road Ahead: 9/10
Around Every Corner
Around Every Corner: 9.5/10
No Time Left
No Time Left: 10/10
400 Days
400 Days: 8.5/10

Season 2 RatingsEdit

All That Remains: 8.5/10
AHD Anticipation
A House Divided: 9.5/10

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