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February 11, 2013
  • I live in Brazil
  • I was born on February 14
Actor None
Gender Male
Hair Brown
Age Early 20's
Occupation Student
First Appearance February 11, 2013
Last Appearance N/A
Status Alive
Series lifespan 2013 to Present
Ethnicity Caucasian-Latin American
"...lol nope."
-Feb about writing a sentence for his profile.

Feb is a TWD Wiki user first encountered in February 2013. He is an electrical engineering student and a Piano player from Brazil. He is a fan of the Comic Series, the TV Series and the Telltale Game.



Meh, he is a weakling, that's about it. Average height, brown hair, glasses, etc.


Hope he has a good one. Yeah...


Little is known about Feb's life. He has read and watched The Walking Dead (Even though Feb can't play the Video Game since he doesn't have the consoles or a decent computer, he has watched the episodes online) and here's some info about it:

Favorite Characters (Comic Series)

Rick's new look
Andrea 128 Crop
Eugene 127 Crop
RositaE 127 Crop
Heath 127 Crop
Dwight 122 Crop

Favorite Characters (TV Series)

TFG Rick
Carol S5 Crop
S5 Beth Crop
Sasha 410 Crop
Tara 410 Crop

Favorite Characters (Video Game)

NTL Lee Apartment
NGB Kenny Wellington Arrival
ATR Omid Outside
NGB Luke Woods
NGB Jane Snow


Not Just yet.


"I don't know, I hope I have friends on here."
Feb on having friends on the Wiki.

Feb actually doesn't dislike any fellow users, so maybe we can assume he is friends with everyone on the Wiki?


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