These unnnamed roadside stores are a series of stores that appeared in "Hounded" of Season 3 of AMC's The Walking Dead.


Woodbury, Georgia

A garage and three general supply stores near Woodbury and the West Georgia Correctional Facility were abandoned sometime during the early outbreak.


Some time after the outbreak, the stores were completely looted by Woodbury, except for two months worth of baby formula (for one baby) and some batteries.

Season 3


When Michonne arrives here, she hides and sees Glenn Rhee and Maggie Greene scavenging for supplies until Merle Dixon arrives. Merle kidnaps them, taking their weapons, their car, and a month's worth of baby food accidentally. However, Michonne witnesses it and escapes the area with the remaining baby formula to find out where the captives live to inform their group and to bring the formula to whoever needed it.



  • None


  • Crowley - Beheaded by Michonne in the woods near the store, stabbed by Gargulio before reanimation.
  • Tim - Skewered by Michonne in the woods, impaled by Merle with his bainetta before reanimation.
  • Gargulio - Killed by Merle in the woods while searching for Michonne.
  • Numerous counts of zombies


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Season 3

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