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Novel Series Characters
Blake Family EdRoseNinaSarahBud
Rural Georgia Verne
Chalmers Family Lillian
Tommy's Group Invader 1Invader 2
Woodbury DeVries ChildBridges DaughterMike
Caul Family EverettJoeEdithPearlBuckMike
Stookey Family DeloresBrenda
Woodbury Outskirts L.Elmer
Dupree Family Rosie
Pentecostal People of God Jones
Calvary Baptist Church HelmsMaywell
Most Holy Redeemer Parish Mr. KentonMrs. Kenton
Miscellaneous TomDerekDeekJaniceEvanRoryCaraEddieCalvin
Zombies Victims
Alive characters appear in green. Dead charactes appear in red and italics. Unknown characters appear in blue. Undead characters appear in grey and italics.

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