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This article is about the Comic Series group. You may be looking for the TV Series counterpart.

"Whoa! Whoa! Hold your fire!"
—Tyreese to Rick's group as his group approaches them.[src]

Tyreese's Group was a small group of survivors, barely getting by before encountering Rick's group, whom they eventually unified with. The group was lead by Tyreese, but all of the members of Tyreese's Group were eventually killed in the Comic Series universe. 

Comic Series



Not much is said about their past, but it is believed that before the zombie apocalypse, Tyreese was a married man with a successful career and a daughter. Over the years many things appeared to go astray in Tyreese's life and he soon became a bouncer and then a car salesman. It is unknown what had happened to his wife, but it is hinted that the two may have had a divorce prior to the epidemic that will soon come. Chris' past is mostly unspoken of, but it presumed that he went to the same school that Julie went to and that is how they met.


Shortly after the apocalypse began, Tyreese held his family inside the house along with his daughter's boyfriend, Chris. Realizing that staying near Atlanta was going to become unsafe, Tyreese headed out to his dealership to snag a vehicle and a gun. Quickly swarmed while at the dealership, Tyreese unloaded the gun he had found and soon realized that he was a terrible shot. As the undead got closer, he found his iconic weapon in the back of a pickup; a hammer. The trio would move out of Atlanta shortly after and come across another group of survivors before meeting up with Rick's.

Shortly after joining the small band of survivors, Tyreese found the men attempting to rape Julie and brutally killed them. The group would quickly move on and attempted to avoid as many groups as possible before being forced to approach Rick's group out of desperation as they were running out of supplies.


Killed Victims

  • Julie (Alive & Zombified)
  • Chris (Alive & Zombified)
  • Numerous amounts of zombies and unnamed people.



  • Tyreese's group has changed notably in the TV version, including Allen's family and Tyreese's sister. While the comic group included only himself, his daughter, and her boyfriend.
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