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The following are images of Troy (Video Game).

Video Game

Season 2

"A House Divided"

"In Harm's Way"


Video Game Characters Galleries
Everett Family LeeB.
Clementine's Family ClementineEdDiana
Greene Family & Friends ShawnAndreChetHershel
Kenny's Family KennyKenny Jr.Katjaa
Macon CarleyLillyLarryGlennDougMarkIreneBeatrice
Stone Mountain School BenTravisDavid
St. John's Dairy Farm AndrewDannyBrenda
Save-Lots Bandits DanielleJoleneGaryDrewLinda
The Railroad CharlesChristaOmid
Stranger's Family StrangerTess
Savannah MollyAnnaLogan
Cancer Support Group VernonCliveJoyceBoydBrie
Prison Bus VinceJustinDannyBennettClydeMarcusJerry
Rural Road WyattEddieNateRussell
Gil's Pitstop WaltJeanShelBeccaRomanStephanieRobertoMichelle
Pitstop Outskirts BonnieLelandDee
Forest Scavengers WinstonVictorRalph
The Cabin LukePeterNickCarlosSarah
Rebecca's Family Alvin Jr.RebeccaAlvin
Moonstar Lodge MatthewWalterSarita
Howe's Hardware WilliamTroyJohnnyTaviaReggieMikeJaneHankTylerLowellVeraTisha

Sandusky Family

Russian Group ArvoBurickoNatashaVitali
Wellington, Ohio Edith
Randy's Family RandyPatriciaGill
Michonne's Family MichonneElodieColetteDominic
The Companion PeteSiddiqOakBerto
Fairbanks Residence SamanthaGregPaigeAlexJamesJohnSophia
Monroe NormaRandallZacharyJonasGabbyJoeCamRichJaney

Season 3


Animals MaybelleSamWalter/Dog
Walkers SandraFivelCrawfordJeffBeth

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