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"Hey, boss... what can I do you for?"
—Travis to the Governor.[src]

Travis is a character featured in The Walking Dead: The Road to Woodbury. He is a resident of Woodbury. He is described as being a heavyset black man.


Location Unknown

Nothing is known about Travis' life before or as the outbreak began. He could have lived in or near Woodbury.


Woodbury, Georgia

Travis is first encountered when Brian Blake and Bob Stookey are going for a walk and talking about Bob's time in Afghanistan. He is in the nearby Piggly Wiggly truck and comes out when Brian calls for him. Brian tells him to take one of the empty trailers down to the north wall, and that they will meet him there soon. Soon after, he arrives at the north wall where Martinez and the other soldiers are fending off walkers. He witnesses Brian call Dr. Stevens and tells him to bring Stinson to the wall. He later backs the trailer towards the walkers. When Stevens arrives, Brian puts Stinson into the trailer and walkers proceed to devour him inside the trailer. After several walkers are inside, Travis cautiously closes the trailer and backs away as if it is a time bomb. He then brings the walkers back to the race track, a new addition to the fights.


Killed By

If Travis was involved in the war between Woodbury and The Prison, he was either killed by the prison defenders in the first or second assault, or devoured by the walkers that overran the prison.


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