This Train Engineer is an original character that briefly appeared in "Long Road Ahead" of Telltale Games' The Walking Dead: Season One.


Rural Georgia

Before the outbreak broke out, this train engineer was a simple family man who had a wife, two sons, and a job as a train engineer with a railroad freight company. His job required him to travel frequently in the state of Georgia from city to city, delivering and receiving freight. The conductor was assigned to Train 4070, where he made his cab more at home by placing his own maps and documents, a picture of his family, and even a guide for starting up the train around the area.


Season One

"Long Road Ahead"

Lee and his group arrived at the train crossing, driven by Kenny, who had repaired the RV at the Travelier Motel. The Train was blocking the highway, preventing the RV from continuing on, forcing Lee and Kenny to take the train instead to Savannah, Georgia. Lee met Chuck and figured out how to start the train as well as decouple the last remaining cars from the locomotive. When Lee was about to enter the cab of the train, he mistook the engineer's corpse for a walker and slammed him in the head with a weapon or points a gun in the back of his head, however, in relief, Lee discovered that the train engineer was dead and not a threat to him. Afterwards, Ben disposed of the body, dragging it out of the cab, before the group boarded the train and headed to Savannah in hopes of escape.


Killed By

  • Train Crash

Following the apocalypse's outbreak, his train was involved in a serious crash, derailing most of his freight. The massive concussion of the impact forced the engineer's head forward, sending it crashing through the window. This caused a large portion of his head to be obliterated, instantly killing him and thus preventing him from reanimating due to the cranial damage.

Killed Victims

This list shows the victims this character has killed:


Video Game

Season 1


  • The Train Engineer's model was reused as a corpse in "Around Every Corner", seen in the Crawford bell tower holding a shotgun.
  • He is the only unnamed character in the Video Game Series to appear only as a corpse.
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